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WESSWEB, the Web service of the Western European Studies Section, Association of College and Research Libraries

Why donate to WESS? The Western European Studies Section (WESS) represents librarians and others who specialize or are otherwise professionally involved in the acquisition, organization, and use of information sources originating in or related to Western European countries. Getting involved with WESS through participation or donation allows a vendor to interact face to face and online with the people who manage European Studies collections across the US and Canada.

Committee Charge:

The WESS Vendor Relations Committee

• conducts or coordinates annual as well as special fundraising campaigns to support WESS activities
• helps with budget and fundraising for special events (e.g. international conferences)
• serves as primary liaison to sponsors for fundraising purposes
• works closely with ACRL and the WESS Executive Committee regarding finances

Major Responsibilities:

• projects financial needs for regular activities (e.g. Program, Social Event at Summer ALA) in collaboration with WESS committee chairs. Projections are prepared by September 1 for the rest of the fiscal year and for the next fiscal year
• projects financial needs for special events (e.g., an international conference)
• establishes fundraising targets based on projected needs
• requests donations from sponsors and acknowledges donations received with letters and public mention of the donor's generosity
• keeps records of sponsors and potential sponsors
• maintains a WESS Fundraising Web page
• maintains sponsor contact information
• coordinates the receipt and deposit of donations between sponsors and ACRL
• keeps records of monetary transactions (donations, expenditures, balances)
• reports the organization’s financial status to Executive Committee at ALA Midwinter and Annual Conferences (including requests, donations, expenditures and balances)
• reports the organization’s financial status to the Fall and Spring WESS Newsletter

Committee Members:

(If you would like to join us, please contact the committee chair)

Ann Snoeyenbos, Chair (2016-2017)
Amauri Cerrano (2016-2017)
Agnes Widder (2016-2017)
Jeff Staiger (ex officio, 2016-2017)

Reports to:

WESS Executive Committee
WESS Chair

Who to contact:

To make a donation any committee member
ACRL liaison Megan Griffin
Projected Needs Statement Ann Snoeyenbos
Financial Status Report (income, expenditures, balances) Ann Snoeyenbos
Records of Donations Ann Snoeyenbos
Donor Contact Information any committee member
Vendor Relations Committee Website Ann Snoeyenbos


WESS chair submits budget estimates to ACRL August
Fundraising committee begins projecting financial needs and sets targets September, October

ACRL sends Section Budget Memo for Fiscal Year to WESS chair

Allocations from ACRL established for:

  • Basic Services, based on membership
  • Program
  • Labels
Membership Committee Chair submits Special Events Request Form to ACRL for Cruise / Social Event at ALA Annual with budget estimates December, January
Fundraising Committee Members request donations January-June, and throughout the year
Cruise / Social Event tickets for sale February-May
Cruise / Social Event expenses paid May-June
Speaker expenses paid for ALA Annual April-June
ACRL fiscal year: September 30th

Donate to WESS!

Donation Form

WESS regularly seeks financial assistance for the following activities. We sincerely appreciate your assistance and support. Your contribution is vital to the health and well-being of intellectual exchange and research between Europe and the United States. By supporting any of these activities, you contribute to the collegial exchange between librarians, publishers and information vendors in Europe and the United States.

Thank you for your support.

Approximate Annual Expenses
Cruise / Social Event at ALA Annual Conference


WESS Program
at ALA Annual Conference:
speakers and equipment

Audiovisual equipment
for WESS Discussion Groups


Total Annually [estimated]



WESS wishes to express its gratitude to the following sponsors for their generous support in recent years (in alphabetical order):

Adam Matthew Digital
Amerika Haus
Belser Wissenschaftlicher Dienst LTD
Bludeau Partners
Blackwells International
Brepols Publishers
Casalini Libri
East View
Erasmus Booksellers
Frankfurt Book Fair
Gale Group
Goethe Institute Inter Nationes
Harrassowitz, Otto
Haworth Press
IDC Publishers
Lindsey & Howes
Nedbook International
Praxess Associates
Puvill Libros
Taylor & Francis
Walter de Gruyter

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The Western European Studies Section (WESS) is a section within the Association of College and Research Libraries, which is itself a division of the American Library Association.

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