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==Current Leadership & Members==
==Current Leadership & Members==
:Chair: Tom Izbicki (Rutgers Univ.; 2008-2009)
:E-mail: tizbicki@rci.rutgers.edu
:Chair: Marcus Richter (Alma College, Michigan) (2008-2010)
Sarah E. How (2008-2009)<br/>
Gordon B. Anderson (2010-2010)</br>
Marcus Richter (2008-2010)<br/>
Kathleen Hunter Rutter (2010-2012)<br/>
Kathleen Hunter Rutter (2008-2010)<br/>
Bryan A. Skib (2010-2012)
Bryan A. Skib (2008-2010)
Sarah G. Wenzel (2010-2012)
Brian Vetruba (2010-2011) -- ex-officio as Chair of WESS
==Meeting Schedules and Agendas==
==Meeting Schedules and Agendas==

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Purposes and Origins

The WESS Fundraising Committee... Creation of the committee was approved by the WESS Executive Committee on Monday, June 27, 2005, during its meeting at ALA Annual in Chicago. Its purposes include:

Facilitating coordinated, long-term budgeting, along with the setting of priorities.
Maintaining a central list of potential sources of funds, including smaller vendors and possible new sources, as well as regular past contributors.
Avoiding the type of conflict created by approaching a vendor separately for multiple WESS activities.
Providing continuity of information as individuals rotate on and off the Executive Committee and other individual WESS committees.
Providing publicity, including a WESSWeb page that would acknowledge WESS sponsors.
Coordinating additional means of rewarding WESS sponsors.

The WESS Fundraising Committee has been tasked at ALA Widwinter 2008 with being the fundraising agency for a potential conference in Europe.

Current Leadership & Members

Chair: Marcus Richter (Alma College, Michigan) (2008-2010)

Gordon B. Anderson (2010-2010)</br> Kathleen Hunter Rutter (2010-2012)
Bryan A. Skib (2010-2012) Sarah G. Wenzel (2010-2012) Brian Vetruba (2010-2011) -- ex-officio as Chair of WESS

Meeting Schedules and Agendas

WESS Fundraising Committee – Agenda for ALA Annual 2010
Saturday June 26 at 4:00 PM
Grand Hyatt Washington
1. Fundraising review for FY 2010
· Review of Contributor & Budget Spreadsheets – to be distributed at meeting
· Funding of WESS Program
· Funding of WESS Social Event
2. Prospects for Future WESS Activities
3. Connecting new WESS members with the foreign vendors



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