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WESS Discussion Groups

Electronic Discussion Groups

Although not formally organized by WESS, these groups grew out of it and often continue WESS discussions between meetings.


Please sign up for new ESS mailing list through ALA!
Go to "subscribe" and subscribe!
New postings can be sent to "ess-l@lists.ala.org"


News of interest to members of the Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Discussion Group.
To subscribe send e-mail message to pcarns@illinois.edu, stating your name and preferred e-mail address.
List members may post messages to wesscmr-l@ala.org [THIS EMAIL LIST NO LONGER FUNCTIONING]
ESS is evaluating whether to discontinue having a listserv for CMR. Contact pcarns@illinois.edu for questions or to submit feedback.


News and Discussion for librarians who work with materials from the German speaking countries.
To be included, enter a Subscription Request through the Duke Mailing List Manager.
Post messages to germane@duke.edu. 


Library issues related to Nordic area studies and the Scandinavian Discussion Group.
For information, see NORD-LIB Discussion Group in the Scandinavian Studies Web.

WESS-SSH Electronic Discussion Group

The Social Sciences and History electronic discussion list, WESS-SSH, is maintained by Heidi Madden.
It provides news and discussion for librarians who work with social sciences and history materials and patrons.
To be included, email heidi.madden at duke.edu, stating your name and preferred e-mail address.
Post messages to wess-ssh@duke.edu

See the History of WESS for earlier WESS Discussion Group Chairs.

See the WESS Manual for additional information about discussion groups.

See also: WESS Committees

WESSWeb > WESS Discussion Groups  

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