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Primary Sources for European Colonial Studies

A Joint Meeting of the

WESS Social Sciences & History and the WESS Special Topics Discussion Groups

American Library Association Annual Conference, Chicago
Saturday, July 11, 2009 from 3:30pm-5:30pm
Palmer House, Salon XII

This year’s session features three presentations on the topic of primary sources for European colonial studies from diverse perspectives ­ that of a research institution, researcher and database producer. The speakers will present overviews of resources and research related to European colonialism around the world, including Africa and North America, followed by discussion.

Relics of a World Discarded: Documents of European Colonialism in the Center for Research Libraries -- Bernard Reilly (President, Center for Research Libraries)

"Help, Help I'm a Prisoner in a Colonial Archive": Using and Being Abused by Official European Records of African History -- Ralph A. Austen (Professor Emeritus of African History, University of Chicago)

Recent ProQuest Sources on Colonial History (featuring the Colonial State Papers) -- Jo-Anne Hogan (Publisher, Arts & Humanities Division, ProQuest)

Thea Lindquist, Chair, Social Sciences & History Discussion Group Alain St. Pierre, Convener, Special Topics Discussion Group

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