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The Social Sciences & History Web is designed to provide access to scholarly resources in selected subject and geographic areas within the field of Western European Studies. We do not strive for exhaustiveness but rather for quality. The resources organized here have undergone a selection and evaluation process. If needed, annotations have been provided augmenting the research value of these resources to scholars.


Romani Studies Links

Romani Studies Portals


Book Trade

Institutes, Societies, and Organizations

  • George Borrow Society: promotes knowledge of the life and works of George Borrow (1803-1881) (Great Britain)

Reference Shelf

Newspapers and Periodicals


Full Text Resources


Background & History


The editor for the Romani Studies Links is Sebastian Hierl ( Harvard University). We welcome contributors.

Comments and further suggestions may be sent to: eshierl @

The Social Sciences & History Web is one part of the Western European Studies Section Web of resources for Western European studies.


We would like to thank the libraries of Brigham Young University and Harvard University for providing assistance and computing resources that make this national endeavor possible.


These web pages do not necessarily represent the views of the participating

libraries nor of their sponsoring institutions.
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