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Name Institution e-mail address
Gordon Anderson University of Minnesota ganderso @
Laura Dale Bischof University of Minnesota bisch004 @
Richard Hacken Brigham Young University hacken @
Thea Lindquist University of Colorado at Boulder thea.lindquist @
Jim Niessen Rutgers University niessen @
Anne Oechtering Yale University anne.oechtering @
Anna Shparberg Rice University shparberg @
Sheila Smyth University of California, Irvine smyth @
Brian Vetruba Washington University bvetruba @
Kizer Walker Cornell University kw33 @
Greg Wool Iowa State University gwoll @
Debra Wynn Library of Congress dwyn @

|- ! name | ||

Original Reviewers

Original Reviewers
Name Institution e-mail address


links to pdfs to follow...

Fall 2007

this, that, and the other...

Spring 2008

this, the other, and that...

Other Links and Aids

See Abstractors and Original Reviewers Section of the Reference Reviews Europe site.
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