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Reference Reviews Europe On line

RRE Style Sheet: slightly revised 11/10

RRE Guidelines for Abstractors and Original Reviewers

Assignments for RREA 19/20 (2013/14)

IFB (20): Die neuesten Rezensionen

Abstractor Title
50 Tiere, die unsere Welt veränderten [1]

Abstractors for RREA 19-20 (2013-14)

Initials Name Affiliation
ldb Bischof, Laura Dale University of Minnesota—Twin Cities
nb Nancy Boerner Indiana University—Bloomington, Retired
rb Brekhus, Rachel University of Missouri—Columbia
jc Collins, Joe University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill)
crc Croissant, Charles Saint Louis University (Missouri)
rc Crown, Ron Saint Louis University (Missouri)
ldl DeLong, Linwood University of Winnipeg (Manitoba)
rdh Hacken, Richard Brigham Young University, Provo (Utah)
rlk Kusmer, Rob University of Notre Dame (South Bend, Indiana)
sl Lehmann, Stephen University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia), Retired
hm Madden, Heidi Duke University (Durham, North Carolina)
cjm Minter, Catherine Indiana University—Bloomington
as Shparberg, Anna Rice University (Houston, Texas)
jmw McGinnis, Jo Old Dominion University (Norfolk, Virginia)

Original Reviewers in RREA 19/20 (2013/14)

Name Affiliation
Rebecca Malek-Wiley Tulane University
and colleagues State or Private University or College

IFB Reviewers in RREA 15 (2009) - 17 (2011)

Initials Name Affiliation
TBD Prof. Dr. Hans Mustermann. h.c. Staats-, Stadts-, Landes-, und Universitätsbibliothek Oberniederhausen
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