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WESS Recruitment to the Profession Committee

Virtual Midwinter Meeting (via e-mail)

Jan. 11-14, 2010


Members: George Paganelis (chair), Elisabeth Pankl, Eileen, Bentsen, Michelle Emanuel, Claudia Alcala-Iniguez, Kathryn Brooks

Guests: Brian Vetruba

Recruitment Committee Web site (wiki):

Some broken links were reported on the Recruitment Committee’s wiki pages. All the committee’s wiki pages will be reviewed for broken links and updates sought.

Job Shadowing Program:

Since the program was launched in September 2008, 15 individuals have completed the interest form and three of those matched for job shadowing experiences hosted by members of WESS. Geography is the biggest factor in limiting who can participate. Renewed interest may be achieved once an updated announcement about the Committee and its work is sent out to various scholarly organizations and units within ALA.

Alternative means of mentoring were discussed. Ideas such as Skype and other on-line options pose hardware and software requirements which librarians’ institutions may not support. Telephone and e-mail do not pose the same issues. Connecting individuals with appropriate librarians by whatever means remains a challenge.

Liaising with professional groups & other ALA units:

Paganelis and Bentsen drafted an updated announcement concerning the Committee and its activities and culled several e-mail lists including LIS programs, ALA student chapters, ACRL chapter and section chairs, and scholarly organizations to contact.ies.</li></ul>

Personal/local recruitment efforts

Two committee members reported discussing librarianship with interested parties, though not specifically in connection with Western European studies. A third member reported having successfully recruited a graduate student to the profession and currently serving as a reference for her application to library school and for an ALA scholarship.

Recruitment Promotional Video

Discussion continued on the possible creation of short videos by members of WESS. Individuals could use a Webcam or other camera equipment to discuss themselves, their work (especially their use of foreign languages), and their interest in WESS. These videos (and any future videos, podcasts, etc.) could then be mounted on a free WESS channel on YouTube and linked from the WESS Wiki. Paganelis has asked Emanuel and Vetruba each to create a pilot video as examples for further discussion; another idea was to create a video montage of various librarians recorded at ALA Annual 2010.

New/other business

Paganelis mentioned the need for this Committee to move to a synchronous virtual meeting for future Midwinter meetings to boost participation and for efficiency of time. ACRL provides a Tip Sheet: regarding virtual meetings with policies and recommendations for meetings of various sizes. This will be discussed further at ALA Annual 2010.

The term of every committee member is ending in 2010; members were asked to consider continuing their service or recommending others to serve.


  • Send out the updated announcement about the Committee.
  • Review Recruitment wiki for broken links and replace with updated URLs when available.
  • Create pilot recruitment videos for review/discussion.

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