Recruitment Committee Minutes - 2008 Midwinter (Virtual Mtg.)

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WESSWeb > WESS Committees > Recruitment to the Profession Committee > Recruitment Committee Minutes - 2008 Midwinter (Virtual Mtg.)

WESS Recruitment to the Profession Committee

Virtual Midwinter Meeting (via email)

Jan. 3-8, 2008


Members: Brian Vetruba (chair), Laura Dale Bischof, Virginia Cole, Jerry Heverly, Fred Jenkins, Heather Moulaison, George Paganelis

Guests: Ceres Birkhead, Rowena Griem, Charlene Kellsey, Kathy Rutter, Sarah Wenzel (WESS chair)

The WESS Recruitment to the Profession Committee decided to open up its annual virtual mid-winter meetings to all WESS members.

Job Shadowing program

  • Paganelis and Heverly presented a draft webform, and various supporting documents for the Job Shadowing program.
  • The focus on this program will be for individuals with interest in academic librarianship with a focus on West European areas/languages. Individuals interested will fill out a webform which will be submitted to a WESS Recruitment Committee member who will facilitate pairing with a WESS member through calls to WESS-L. Shadowees will shadow the WESS member for a day or part of a day.
  • Committee members discussed what guidance/information should be included on the Job Shadowing webpage. A draft webpage will be created.
    1. Create draft webpage of program and submit to Committee. Webpage will reside at WESSWeb Wiki at BYU (due March 1, 2008) (Paganelis, Heverly).
    2. Create/edit webform for program and submit to Committee for approval (due March 1, 2008) (Paganelis, Heverly).
    3. Write article for WESS newsletter and announce program to WESS listservs (due May?) (Paganelis, Heverly).
    4. Announce program to ALA and ACRL recruitment wikis/websites (will need to be coordinated with announcement about new recruitment website) (ALL)

Committee website and public recruitment website

  • Vetruba shared with the Committee its new “business” wiki on WESSWeb Wiki which is for the business of the Committee. Agendas, minutes, and various other documents supporting the work of the Committee will be housed there.
  • Cole, Jenkins, and Vetruba began creating a draft of the public recruitment website which will reside at the WESSWeb wiki. This will replace the website at Columbia. The new website (in wiki-format) will have the same question format of the old site but with updated content.
    1. Divide up questions and update content. Submit draft to Committee (due, mid-March) (Vetruba, Jenkins, Cole).
    2. Make changes and launch (due, April?) (Vetruba, Jenkins, Cole.
    3. Expand list of email contacts for website (due, April?) (Heverly)
    4. Post new URL to ALA and ACRL groups (need to be coordinated with announcement about job shadowing program) (ALL)

ACRL funding of two WESS members to present on recruitment at learned society meetings.

  • ACRL approved WESS’ Action Plan Proposal for FY09. Two WESS members will be funded (up to $500 each) for reimbursement to make recruitment presentations at meetings of two different learned societies. Funding is contingent on acceptance of the presentations by the conference. Funds must be spent between Sept. 1, 2008 and Aug. 31, 2009.
  • Discussion about the funding centered around the process of gathering applications and selecting those who would receive the funding.
  • As this was a point of discussion, for WESS Executive Committees, it was decided to table this.

Liaising with professional groups & other ALA units

  • The WESS Recruitment website is posted on ALA’s and the ACRL recruitment website. General discussion about progress and failed attempts at trying to establish communication with other ACRL sections. After new website and job program launched, we’ll make a more concerted effort to liaise with sections and other groups. Wenzel notes that we should keep all ACRL sections abreast of our activities, including those whose focus may not be primary recruitment per se (e.g. ANSS).
    1. Create list of ALA units and other library groups and post on business wiki (due, April) (Vetruba, ALL will review).
    2. Post list of learned societies to keep in contact with on business wiki (due, April) (???, ALL will review)
    3. Send out email to ALA units/library groups and learned societies to announce new job shadowing program and updated website.

Update on survey article

  • Bischof, Moulaison, and Vetruba are still analyzing results from the survey.
  • ACTION ITEM BY ANNUAL 2008: Finish analysis and write article (Vetruba, Bischof, and Moulaison)

Personal/local recruitment efforts

Committee members continued with their personal/local recruitment efforts. Together, committee members participated in six in-person meetings, six email exchanges, and two job shadowing days with parties interested in librarianship. Also, Heverly published a recruitment-focused article in the Society of Biblical Literature’s newsletter and Paganelis participated in a panel on careers outside the classroom at the Society of Biblical Literature/American Academy of Religion’s annual meeting.

ALA Recruitment Assembly at Midwinter 2008

Cole volunteered to represent the Committee at the ALA Recruitment Assembly whose meeting conflicts with the WESS General Membership Meeting.

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