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ACRL WESS Publications Committee
ALA Midwinter Meeting, Philadelphia
Saturday, January 27, 2014
10:30-11:30 A.M.
Philadelphia Convention Center (PCC), Rm. 109B


Present: Gaby Divay ; Richard Hacken ; Jonathan Marner

Regrets: Jen Bonnet ; Sharon Clayton ; Mara M. Egherman ; Rebecca Malek-Wiley

- We discussed Jen Bonnet's exciting plans for the upcoming WESS Newsletter.
- The recent retirement of Mary-Beth Clack from Harvard College's Widener Library will leave the WESS Newsletter without an Editor for its Column "Europe in Bits & Bytes"
- An expression of gratitude for Mary Beth's editorial work, combined with WESS's best wishes for her retirement, will appear in Dick's Column "Personal & Institutional News".
- Dick Hacken reported the great news that the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (BSB) has approached him for archiving WessWeb. Negotiating this prestigious prospect may be complicated by ACRL's own archiving program.
- Though really the jurisdiction of the WESS Membership Committee, the WessWeb online Directory was discussed: only 243 of 430 WESSies - that's some 55% - have deposited an entry. Dick & Katie will encourage members to enlist, and offer help & advice for doing so.
- The possibilty of virtual meetings, especially at Mid-Winter, was a topic worthy of consideration: perhaps, we can follow up our next Annual Meeting with a brief teleconference to test the waters ...
- Gaby expressed her admiration for Dick's sprawling cyber-WessWeb universe: in her opinion, it is exemplary, & has the enormous advantage of concise & transparent urls over the websites of comparable ACRL Sections.

Submitted by Gaby Divay, Chair (

WESSWeb > WESS Committees > WESS Publications Committee > 'Midwinter 2014 MInutes

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