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Title: Fin-de-siècle symbolists and avant-garde periodicals (Series title)
Imprint: New Haven, Conn.: Research Publications, 1973; Woodbridge, Ct ; Reading, England : Research Publications, 1987.
Description: 230 [microfilm reels]; 35 mm.
Catalogued by periodical title. Also published under title Chime`re by Montpellier : Imp. Gustave Firmin et Montane, 1981-1893, and others.
OCLC: 6516366 and others.

Title: French books before 1601 (series title)
Imprint: Cambridge, Mass.: General Microfilm Co., 19--
Description: [microfilm reels]; 35 cm.
Catalogued by individual title.
See, A Guide to French Books Before 1601 and A Guide to French Books, 1601-1700; Goldsmith, Valentine F. A Short Title Catalogue of French Books, 1601-1700 in the Library of the British Museum; and, British Museum. Department of Printed Books. Short title catalogue of books Printed in France and of French Books Printed in Other Countries from 1470-1600 in the British Museum. Note: Comprehensive collection of books printed in any language in France (mainly French and Latin), and books in French printed outside of France. Also published by Louisville, Ky.: Erasmus Press, 1966. Continued by: French books, 1601-1700.
OCLC: 5222688

Title: French books, 1601-1700
Imprint: Watertown, Mass. : General Microfilm Company, [New York, NY : Norman Ross Pub.]
Description: 231 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.
Notes: Based on V.F. Goldsmith's A short title catalog of French books, 1601-1700, and supplemented by other 17th century French books.
OCLC: 44952287

Title: French drama (A comprehensive collection of French plays of the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries)
Imprint: Louisville, Ky.: Falls City Microcards, 1957-
Description: [?] microfiche; 11 X 15 cm.
Catalogued by individual title.
Note: Title from bibliography. The series was begun on micro-opaque under the title: Three centuries of French drama. Items published before 1967 are listed in A bibliography of French plays on microcards by Lawrence S. Thompson; also, Brenner, Clarence D., A Bibliographical list of plays in the French language, 1700-1789.
OCLC: 18288178

Title: The French-language medieval manuscripts in the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (National Library of Netherlands), The Hague
Author: compiled by Edith Brayer with a catalog an introduction by Anne Sophia Korteweg
Imprint: Amsterdam: Moran Micropublications, 2006.
Description: 58 [microfilm] reels; 35mm.
Note: 118 manuscripts and four collections of fragments. Guide in English by Anne S. Korteweg. “…The basis of the library, the book collection of the former stadholders, contained a large number of medieval manuscripts in French from the southern Netherlands and France….
Title on guide:; Guide to the Catalogue of the French-language medieval manuscripts in the Koninklijke Bibliotheek and Meermanno-Westreenianum Museum, the Hague on microfiche. At fiche header; IRHT catalogue of French-language medieval manuscripts.
OCLC: 65794127, 55133614

Title: Histoire Littéraire de la France: Ouvrage Commencé par des Religieux Benedictins de la Congregation de Saint Maur, et Continué par des Membres de l'Institut
Author: Antoine Rivet de la Grange et al.
Imprint: Washington, D.C.: Microcard Editions, 1963-
Description: 16 [microfilm] reels; 35 mm.
Note: “This detailed history of French literature begins with the earliest period and continues into the fourteenth century. It includes some articles about literary forms, subjects and movements, but consists primarily of biographical and critical articles about individual authors, many of whom are not treated in other histories.” Volumes 1-32 (1733-1898) [print version]. Originally published: Paris: Imprimerie nationale, 1733-1900s.
Title and imprint vary.
OCLC: 5386572, 7228889

Title: Nicolas de Bonneville et le Cercle social, 1787-1800
Author: François Furet
Imprint: Paris: Microéditions Hachette, 1976.
Guide: UCLA French Collections
Description: 201 microfiches + guide (7 p.; 21 cm.).
Note: Collection consists of 9 journals and periodicals published by the Cercle social, 9 titles by Bonneville, and 30 related titles. Title from printed guide. Guide also available online. Reproduction: Microfiche (negative).
OCLC: 3754734

Title: Ouvrages sur Voltaire, 1788-1826
Author: ‪[‬J. Vercruysse, éditeur‪]‬
‪Imprint: [‬Paris‪]‬ : Microéditions Hachette, 1978
Description: 151 fiches, + 1 guide ([8] p. ; 21 cm.)
Series - Microéditions Hachette ; 8579-8593, 8600-8603, 8605-8607, 8609-8641
OCLC: 16765228

Title: Sélection de revues et journaux littéraires des XIXe et XXe siècles
Imprint: Paris : Association pour la conservation et la reproduction photographique de la presse, 1965-1979
Description: 54 microfilm reels, 35mm.
Note(s): Periodicals for microfilming selected on the basis of: Bibliographie des revues et journaux littéraires des XIXe et XXe siècles / Jean-Michel Place et André Vasseur.
OCLC: 71806914

Title: Three Centuries of French Drama [1600-1899].
Imprint: Lexington, Ky., Falls City Microform, 1972
Description: 24,307 cards and 2,088 fiche
Note: The collection consists of 14,000 French plays including partial and complete works, school texts, stage adaptations, translations, and poems and prose pieces, spanning the 17th to the 19th century. The majority of the titles included in this collection are housed in the University of Kentucky Library and the Library of Congress.
OCLC: 78124741, 65820447

Title: Utopies au siècle de lumières (Series title)
Imprint: Paris: Microéditions Hachette, 1972.
Description: 260 [microfiche] sheets ; 11 x 15 cm. with accompanying guide.
Catalogued by individual title.
See also, Utopies au siècle de lumières: étude et bibliographie/ Albert Soboul.
OCLC: 6717744

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