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ACRL WESS General Membership Meeting

ALA Midwinter Meeting, Boston

Monday, January 11, 2016

8:30-10:00 A.M.


0. Welcome and introductions


Jeff Staiger (U of O), Katie Gibson (Miami U), Heidi Madden (Duke), Brian Vetruba (WUSTL), Kirsten Totleben (U of Rochester), Diana Brooking (UW), Deb Raftus (UW), Michel Printy (Yale), Lucia Wolf (LOC), Sarah Sussman (Stanford), Adan Griego (Stanford), Rob Hollis (UCMO), Gordon Anderson (UMN), Bill Sherfey (Harrasowitz), Paula Carns (Illinois), Jon Marner (Texas A & M), Anne Snoeyenbos (Project Muse), Caitlin Mannion (NYU Shanghai), Lidia Uziel (Harvard), Lindsay Hansen (CSUN)

I. Review of agenda (Meeting Convener: Katie Gibson)

II. General Reports

A. Report from the Chair (Jeff Staiger)

The WESS-SEES merger is on track. There will be a vote this spring to membership of both groups for approval. Assumption is that it will be approved.

Next action: SEES to complete a formal application to ACRL in 2017. Merger would occur in Fall 2017.

Question: Will the vote be a simple majority? A: We will get clarification.

The Orlando conference. program was not accepted. Instead we will hold a forum, “Archiving the present: political ephemera of contemporary events" to discuss how libraries gather and manage these materials for present and future researchers?

The planning committee is working on it, and discussed potential issue and speakers, including Ferguson at St. Louis; Adan Griego has a contact in Spain; Charlie Hebdo.

B. Report from Chair elect/Vice Chair (Katie Gibson)

Committee appointments are made after ALA Midwinter. Everyone needs to fill out the ACRL volunteer form again to continue volunteering. It doesn’t hurt to contact Katie directly if there’s something particular that you want to do.

III. Discussion Group Reports

A. Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Discussion Group (Heidi Madden and Collin McCaffrey, Convener)

Representatives from Brepos and Sismel demonstrated their products and updates. The conveners will ask for slides from presenters.

Tom Izbiki retired from Rutgers but will continue to help on the WESSweb Guide to Databases project of changing from link lists to annotated resources. Link: Medieval and Renaissance Studies

There is a question of value of the older tools and databases…this could be a good topic for Special Topics, Publications, or Research and Planning – Katie? (Tom Izbiki, ORB)

B. College and Medium-Sized Library Discussion Group (Katie Gibson, Convener)

Good attendance for the discussion of the topic: How to make decisions for weeding and deselection? Meeting minutes: College and Medium-sized Libraries and Social Sciences and History Discussion Groups Minutes, Midwinter 2016

C. Germanists Discussion Group (Brian Vetruba and Michael Printy, Conveners)

Sarah Tudesco, Assessment Librarian from Yale, presented circulation data and Tableau for interactive data visualization. How do we deal with the data, to make it more accessible and transparent? What’s a good target for circulation? How do we talk to administrators?

Presentation will be shared on WESSweb. Discussion: Data can be dangerous... Heads of collection development have talked about it. We need to be able to articulate what we do and its importance, without being defensive, and to give context for the data.

Could be an opportunity for us to do a workshop on how to articulate our importance without being defensive.

D. Scandinavian Discussion Group (Paula Mae Carns, Convener)

WESSies visited the Scandinavian Cultural Center in Newton, a foundation with an assisted living facility. The new building is a Nordic hall in Nordic style for residents and community members. The center offers films, events, a library and a café. Paula noted that it was fascinating and eye-opening; we have a lot in common with this library…even though it is staffed by volunteers.

E. Romance Languages Discussion Group (Heidi Madden and Kristen Totleben, Conveners)

Met with Germanists.

F. Social Sciences and History Discussion Group (Jonathan Marner, Convener)

Met with College & Medium-Sized Libraries Discussion Group.

G. Special Topics Discussion Group (Kristen Totleben and Sarah G. Wenzel, Conveners)

Wed, Jan 27 4 EST virtual meeting on the MLA Commons Open Repository Exchange (CORE). WESS Special Topics is co-facilitating with the LES Collections Discussion Group.

Link: Special Topics Discussion Group Agenda Midwinter 2016.

IV. Committee Reports

A. Executive Committee (Jeff Staiger, Chair)

B. 2015 SF Conference Planning Committee (Lidia Uziel, Chair)

C. Fundraising Committee (Kristen Totleben, Chair)

Going well. Midwinter happy hour was sponsored by CAIRN. Planning Happy Hour for ALA Annual, possibly in the international pavilion within the Exhibits Hall. ALA takes over all the bar spaces and hotels, so it might be a good idea to hold happy hour in the exhibit hall, and then vendors could attend as well.

D. Membership Committee (Julie Tanaka, Chair)

We have 490 members current. WESS benefited policy change allowing ACRL members to join more sections for free. Please publicize this change to members and your colleagues. Overlap between WESS and SEES is somewhere around 60%.

E. 2015 Nominating Committee (Katie Gibson, Chair)

Nominees for VP are Kristen Tottelben and Lydia Uziel.
For Secretary: Anna Sparberg and Kathleen Smith.
For Member-at-Large: Lindsey Hanson Cal State.

Anybody can be ready for these positions…you can do it. Contact former officers more information.

F. Publications Committee (Jeff Staiger for Rebecca Malek-Wiley)

Publications Committee – Working on moving WESS listserv to a new ALA host. WESS Executive Committee needs to approve the move in the Executive Committee meeting.


Will provide travel stipends for 6 GNARP members to attend the Bibliothekskongress in Leipzig.

France will be the guest at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2017 October. CIFNAL and GNARP, under the umbrella of CRL, will work together to organize a full-day pre-conference. CRL has had contacts with German library heads. Might not be prohibitively expensive. Will put out a call for a working group. There will be opportunities to give papers, perhaps on collections in German and French at US institutions, émigré scholars in the US, or on the 500th anniversary of Reformation.

There may also be a possibility of internships for vising librarians or librarian exchanges with GNARP.

Would be great to get a CRL staff member to Leipzig to represent GNARP at a booth (there will be an ALA booth).


CRL is in negotiation with Open Edition for CIFNAL discount. See above for ideas re: Frankfurt Book Fair collaboration with GNARP. Raphaelle Bats, ENSSIB, presented ideas on regarding potential cooperation collaborations between North American and French libraries and librarians. Her suggestion included: organizing virtual exhibitions of complementary collections, collaborating on research projects, publishing papers, and that N. American librarians consider internships, both in-person and online, for ENSSIB students.

V. Discussion

We should use WESS-L to have a conversation about how to defend your budget, count digital humanities activates, document delivery. Post minutes to WESS-L and invite discussion.

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