General Membership Agenda - 2018 Midwinter

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ALA Midwinter Meeting, Denver

Monday, February 12, 2018

8:30-10:30 A.M.

Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel, Room Century

I. Review of Agenda (Convener: Diana Brooking)

II. Report from the Co-Chairs (Lana Soglasnova, Kristen Totleben)

III. Discussion Group Reports (5 mins each)

A. Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Discussion Group (Paula Carns and David Morris, Conveners)

B. Germanists/Romanists Joint Discussion Group (Diana Brooking and Kathleen Kasten, Conveners)

C. Cataloging Discussion Group (Kathryn Kuntz and Rebecca Malek-Wiley, Conveners)

D. Scandinavian Discussion Group (Mara Egherman, Convener)

E. Social Sciences and History Discussion Group (Celestina Savonius-Wroth and Alain St. Pierre, Conveners)

IV. Committee Reports (5 mins each)

A. Executive Committee (Lana Soglasnova, Kristen Totleben, Chairs)

B. Membership Committee (Joanneke Elliott, Manuel Ostos, Chairs)

C. Recruitment to the Profession Committee (Amauri Serrano, Chair)

D. 2018 Conference Planning Committee (Joe Lenkart, David D. Oberhelman, Chairs)

E. Automated Bibliographic Control Committee (Larisa Walsh, Chair)

F. Vendor Relations Committee (Ann Snoeyenbos, Chair)

G. Access and Preservation Committee (Joe Lenkart, Chair)

H. SEES Newsletter Committee (Sandra Levy, Lisa Baker, Chairs)

I. Publications Committee (Mara Egherman, Chair)

J. Research and Planning Committee (Tea Rokolj, Chair)

K. GNARP (Brian Vetruba, Chair)

L. CIFNAL (Sarah How, Chair)

V. Other Business

Submitted by Diana Brooking, ESS Member at Large <>

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