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=====Subject Specific Resources=====
=====Subject Specific Resources=====
*'''[[French Art & Architecture | Art & Architecture]]'''
*'''[[French Art & Architecture | Culture, Art, Architecture]]'''
*'''[ Francophone Studies Resources]''', Jennifer Vinopal, NYU
*'''[ Francophone Studies Resources]''', Jennifer Vinopal, NYU
*'''[[French History | History]]'''
*'''[[French History | History]]'''

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WESSWEB,the Web service of the Western European Studies Section, Association of College and Research Libraries

The French Studies Web provides links to scholarly web resources and includes sites of particular interest to librarians specializing in Western Europe. It does not strive for exhaustiveness. Where possible, links to high-quality, scholarly meta-sites are given.

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General Resources
Subject Specific Resources

See also: Professional Information & Resources

Selection Criteria. To be included in the Wess French Studies Web, a site must: be updated on a regular basis and should indicate date of last revision; include author name(s) and, where possible, affiliation; conform to copyright laws (i.e. appropriate attributions, no plagiarized material, etc.)
Geographical Coverage. France, and the francophone regions in Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, North Africa, Sub Saharan Africa, North America and the Caribbean.


The French Studies Web is one part of the Western European Studies Section Web of resources for Western European studies.

These web pages do not necessarily represent the views of the participating libraries nor of their sponsoring institutions.
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