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Country Overviews & Governments

Country Overviews

Also links to other countries.


Also links to other countries.


Type desired conversions into search box. For example, 30 euro to dollars, 20 c to f, etc.
Online French keyboard.


Bilingual / Translation

Includes definitions, synonyms, citations, conjugations, and the Dictionnaire Littré.

Monolingual French

French, with definitions & examples.
Audio pronunciations.


Terms used in French-speaking countries.


Searchable historical dictionaries.

Link sites

Dictionary links, including specialized (subject-oriented) dictionaries.
Subject-oriented dictionary links.


Also includes dictionaries.
Historical encyclopedia of the 18th century, translated into English with links to the original French.
The ARTFL Encyclopédie is a separate French version, also available as an iPad app.
Another French version.

Language Learning

No longer updated but still useful.
Audio series. Alternative hosting sites can be found using a search engine.
Video series.
Links to free as well as commercial language learning sites.


see also Transportation & Travel

Includes directions, street view images, etc.
Clickable regions of France.
Satellite images.
Traditional, static maps. Generally older and historical.
PDF and JPG format maps of Canada.
French in the U.S.


NationMaster also covers other countries.

Postal & Telephone

Telephone yellow pages, white pages.

Time & Weather

Also links to other countries and includes a time zone converter.
Weather in France.


Transportation & Travel

Includes directions, street view images, etc.
Driving directions, street maps, traffic, weather.
Paris Metro/RER/Bus.
Travel by train in France.
High speed train.

WESSWeb > French Studies Web > French Reference Pages

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