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ALA Midwinter Meeting, Boston
Monday, January 11, 2016
10:30-11:30 A.M.
Westin Copley Essex NW
Chaired by Jeff Staiger, WESS Chair

I. Welcome and introductions

Attendees: Katie Gibson, Heidi Madden, Brian Vetruba, Jeff Staiger, Kristen Totelben, Lucia Wolf, Deb Raftus, Sarah Sussman, Adan Griego, Gordon Anderson, Jon Marner, Ann Snoeyenbos, Caitlin Mannion, Lidia Uziel, Manolo Ostos.

II. Approval and additions to the agenda (Jeff Staiger)

Prioritize items brought up in membership meeting and in individual commitee meetings.

III. Publications committee summary of virtual meeting [1]. (Staiger)

Vote re: moving WESS listserv to ALA:

Question: Are we moving all the lists?
The executive committee opted to vote for WESS-l today and vote for others online after clarification.
Katie moved, Adan seconded. Motion passed.

Suggestion for the communication plan: Send news to listservs and add to the WESS Newsletter.

Brian Vetruba suggested that the secretary be the backup administrator to the list.

Deb agreed that this would be a great option, as the secretary is already on publications committee.

IV. Orlando conference (Staiger/Uziel)

This year's program proposal was rejected. We are running a forum instead of a program. "Archiving the Present."
Speakers, professors, and librarians will discuss building collections of primary unique contemporary ephemera: How scholarship is changing, how ephemera are incorporated into teaching and research. Examples: Ferguson collection at Washington U. in St. Louis; Harvard is collecting Charlie Hebdo ephemera.


Orlando attendance is lower.
ACRL won't handle courtesy registration so WESS would be responsible for the costs.

A couple of librarians suggested that they would be interested in hearing from librarians/archivists rather than from faculty.

Ideas and suggestions from participants:

Cuban collections at Florida.
Ephemera from Central and Eastern Eastern Europe at the Library of Congress [2].
BPG [3]--Brazilian Popular Groups ephemera collections sold by LoC.

V. WESS/SEES merger

The merger is on track. This spring there will be a vote put to both memberships.

ACRL has to figure out how to merge--both sections have an executive board. We would have to figure out the logistics.

Things to consider:

Would we have two boards at once?
What will our name be?
Organization and ownership of publications, websites, newsletters.
To note: SEES wants to retain their newsletter for a while.
The vote will be yes or no for a merger. (Simple majority.)

Gordon noted what tremendous assets that SEES will bring; let's acknowledge this and be grateful that they want to join. They have a lot of unique perspectives and experiences that we can learn from, and their newsletter is a robust resource.

Other comments:

This is a very positive move as we move forward. Let’s see where the synergies can happen. Ex. Their cataloging group is more active.
Scholarship is changing in Europe, as Eastern Europe is part of the EU.
The vote will include statement with details on what it entails and doesn’t entail. It may be true that ACRL has a say.

Final Questions:

How will membership be notified?
Required participation rate? 2/3 vs. simple majority.


Write a briefing paper.

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