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===[[Scandinavian Discussion Group]]===
===[[Scandinavian Discussion Group]]===
:Convener: Mara Egherman
:Convener: Michelle Urberg
:YBP Library Services
:ProQuest/ExLibris (sometimes University of Washington)
===[[Social Sciences and History Discussion Group]]===
===[[Social Sciences and History Discussion Group]]===

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WESSWeb > WESS Discussion Groups > 2016-2017  


Cataloging Discussion Group

Convener: Rebecca R. Malek-Wiley
Tulane University
Kathryn C. Kuntz
Davenport Public Library

Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Discussion Group

Convener: Paula Carns and David Morris
University of Illinois |

College and Medium-sized Libraries Discussion Group

Conveners: Katie Gibson, Masha Stepanova
Miami University (OH),

General Membership Discussion Group

Convener: Lindsay Hansen
CSU Northridge

Germanists Discussion Group

Convener: Diana Brooking
University of Washington, Seattle

Romance Languages Discussion Group

Kathleen Kasten
Stony Brook University
Meredith Levin
Columbia University
Kristen Totleben
University of Rochester

Scandinavian Discussion Group

Convener: Michelle Urberg
ProQuest/ExLibris (sometimes University of Washington)

Social Sciences and History Discussion Group

Convener: Nickoal Eichmann-Kalwara

Special Topics Discussion Group

Convener: ??

See also: History of WESS
See also: WESS Committees

WESSWeb > WESS Discussion Groups > 2016-2017  

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