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Reference Shelf

Biobibliographical encyclopedia of Dutch and Flemish crime writers.
Brief biographies, critical essays and bibliographies for many Dutch authors whose works have been translated or are seeking translations.
The Society for Dutch Literature.
Database containing the results of an exhaustive, critical survey of medieval narrative texts from the Southern Low Countries. The database runs on SilverPlatter and has over 1500 bibliographic records
A project of the University of Ghent and the Catholic University of Leuven.
Current book reviews in the Flemish newspaper De Standaard.

Electronic Journals

Internet journal for Dutch literature, with texts and back issues.
Internet journal with poetry, stories, reviews, interviews, articles, etc.
A scholarly, electronic journal for Dutch language and literature.

Electronic Literary Texts

Selected texts, secondary sources, and links.
Texts of vernacular religious songs from ca. 1500; by Professor Hermina Joldersma at the University of Calgary.
A project of the Stichting Digitale Bibliotheek voor de Nederlandse Letteren.
This site is an extensive full-text library of Dutch literary works from the Middle Ages to the present.
Also contains reference works and portraits.
Full-text of the collected poems of Huygens, 1596-1687.
Texts of songs, poems, and prayers from the Gruuthusehand manuscript, one of the most significant sources of medieval Dutch lyric.
As exhibited by the Royal Library.
Electronic version of an anonymous legend based upon a twentieth century edition of an early printing (ca. 1510).
Electronic version of a nine-part poem by Jacob van Maerlant (ca.1230-ca.1300).
Includes bibliography and glossary.
Strives to be a comprehensive site of Dutch language & literature on the internet.
Now includes selected works from nearly fifty authors from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century.
Site focused on the 17th century Dutch author and physician.

Language and Linguistics

Information about the various dialect and language groups in Belgium.
Dutch language, grammar, slang, dictionaries, and other resources.
Detailed history of the Dutch language provided by the Free University of Berlin.

Scholarly Societies and Institutions

This center at the Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen focuses on the acquisition and teaching of Dutch language at the grade school level.
Brief biographies, critical essays and bibliographies for many Dutch authors whose works have been translated or are seeking translations.
The Institute for Dutch Lexicology site; information about research, publications, and freely searchable vocabulary corpora.
Society for Dutch Literature in Leiden.
Organization concerned with the correct use of the Dutch language.
Official organization concerned with the Dutch language, education, orthography etc.

Other Gateways

International association for Dutch language and culture.
See the Docentenlijst to find instructors and professors of Dutch throughout the world.
By Onze Taal, Society for Dutch language; contains links for spelling, grammar, Dutch for foreigners and more.
Gateway to scholarly relevant internet sites.

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