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Documents, Data Files, Primary Literature

A collection of images documenting the history of Northern Holland, a province of the Netherlands, from the 1500's to the present.
Scanned images include maps, photographs, etchings, and picture post cards.
Leiden University Library resource for the study of the military history of the Low Countries; contains extensive secondary and primary sources.
Searchable database of the correspondence of William of Orange with links to images of over 12,000 individual letters written between 1551-1584.
Large collection of digitized maps contains several historical maps for Belgium and the Netherlands.
Extensive archive of datasets, particularly relating to demography and genealogy in the Low Countries.
Some topics are passenger lists, provincial history, tax registers, and marriage registers.
Facsimiles of forbidden newspapers in the Netherlands, 1940-1945.
Database containing the results of an exhaustive, critical survey of medieval narrative texts from the Southern Low Countries; database runs on SilverPlatter and has over 1500 bibliographic records; a project of the University of Ghent and the Catholic University of Leuven.
An searchable and downloadable archive of historical research results and data sets relating to the Netherlands.
Topics include colonial, cultural, economic, social, and art history, criminal justice, shipping and trade, prosopography, and taxes.
Users need to register.
A database of 18th century Dutch ships and captains that sailed through the Danish Sound.
Full-text of the 1790 declaration of independence for Flanders.
Transcriptions, translations, or facsimile copies of originals.
Transcriptions, translations, or facsimile copies of originals.
An Instituut voor Nederlandse Geschiedenis project with the full text of Prinsterer's posthumous papers.

Reference Works and Gateways

Guide to the City of Amsterdam, its government, museums, historic buildings and sites.
Over 3,000 history related links and information about Dutch organizations concerned with the study of history.
Bibliography of 20th century Dutch biographical sources.
A searchable glossary of terms relating to the Dutch East India Company; developed by the Instituut voor Nederlandse Geschiedenis.

Libraries, Archives, Collections

Searchable database of archive websites.
Choose Belgium, the Netherlands, or the world.
A documentation and information centre for family history and heraldry in the Netherlands.
National Archive of the Netherlands.
Search archive holdings and the new "Emancipation Database," a database of freed slaves and slave owners in Surinam.

Research, Educational and Cultural Organizations

Official site for the Anne Frank House Museum in Amsterdam.
Information about exhibits, the diary, and educational material.
At the Catholic University of Nijmegen.
Information on the history of Dutch Catholicism.
Royal Dutch Historical Society; table of contents database for Kroniek, a bibliography of writings about Dutch history, 1994-1998.
Aim is to transcribe, translate, and publish all Dutch documents in New York repositories.
Netherlands' largest collection of art and history.

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