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Gaby Divay
410 Elmhurst Rd
Winnipeg, MB R3R 0T9
Phone: 204-832 2179
Institutional Address:
University of Manitoba, Archives
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2
E-mail: divay_g@shaw.ca
Title: Academic Librarian & Senior Scholar, Archives & Special Collections, 1995-2019
Geographical Areas: Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France) ; North America (United States & Canada
Subjects: Humanities; German Studies; French Renaissance Studies; German-American Studies
Tasks [pre-2013]: Collection Development, German Liaison & Rare Book Librarian, Literary Mss Curating; Cataloguing or upgrading Rare Book records (Dysart Collection, incl. 17 Incunabula); (sporadic) Reference; (occasional) Teaching (Litterature de la Renaissance)
Languages used: English, French, German, Italian, [Latin]
Abitur, Gymnasium Curschmannstrasse, Hamburg
BA & MA, Laval University, Quebec City - French Philology & Linguistics
MLS, McGill University, Montreal
Ph.D, Laval University, Quebec City - Renaissance Studies (Nature, Fortune et Dieu dans les Essais de Montaigne)
postdoctoral MA, University of Manitoba - German Studies (ed. of Grove/Greve's complete poetry from the UM's archival colls. ("Poems/Gedichte, by F.P. Greve, "Fanny Essler", and F.P. Grove" publ. Dec. 1993 ; e-Ed. 2007)
ACRL: WESS (European Studies); RBMS (Rare Books & Manuscripts); LES (Lit. in English); IRRT (International Relations). CAUTG (Canadian Association of University Teachers of German); CSRS (Canadian Society of Renaissace Studies); SGAS (Society for German-American Studies); SHARP (Society for the History of Authorship, Reading, & Publishing)
FPG (Greve/Grove) & FrL (Else von Freytag-Loringhoven); European intellectual history; Reception history; FPG's German Translations of Gide & H. G. Wells; Balzac, Cervantes, Flaubert, Swift, O. Wilde, et.al. ; German, French & Italian Publishers, 16th cent. ; Sebastian Brant, Bergmann von Olpe & Albrecht Durer, ca. 1495 ; German Publishing, ca. 1900 ; Art & Architecture (A. Endell in Dachau, Munich & Berlin) ; Literary Groups & Stefan George ; dada in New York (The Baroness FrL & Man Ray, Marcel Duchamp, The Little Review, etc.) ; 1920s Berlin, Paris ; Autobiography (Goethe; FPG; FrL) ; The Renaissance ; Montaigne (his influence on: Francis Bacon's Essays, 1612), John Florio, translator of his Essais, 1603; Goethe, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche; his Classical & contemporary sources); Skepticism ; Neo-Kantianism ; Hume ; German-Americans, 1880-1920 ; Exile literature.
Digital Projects:
- FPG (Greve/Grove) & FrL (Freytag-Loringhoven)'s WEBSITE
- e-Editions of FPG's AUTOBIOGRAPHIES A Search for America (1927) & In Search of Myself (1946)
- e-Edition of FrL's AUTOBIOGRAPHY (ca. 1924/5, from the Typescript prepared by Djuna Barnes, at the UMaryland)
- e-Edition of Greve/Grove & "Fanny Essler's POETRY Poems/Gedichte (e-Ed., UMA 2007)
- Centennial e-Edition of FPG & FrL's 1904/5 "Fanny Essler" POEMS (German+Eng., UM Archives 2000)
- Video Proceedings of the International ANNIVERSARY SYMPOSIUM In Memoriam FPG: 1879-1948-1998
- Greve's German TRANSLATIONS Collection
- Grove's PERSONAL LIBRARY Collection
- the UM's Dysart Collection of RARE BOOKS & MANUSCRIPTS (incl. 9 mss & 16 Incunabula]
- LCMND, The Linguistic Circle of Manitoba & North Dakota:
- LCMND Website and
- LCMND e-Journal
- gd's FPG & FrL Research Website (a Labor-of-Love work in progress), and
- gd’s CV

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