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:* [ Instructions for calculating the German book price index for the past five years]
:* [ Instructions for calculating the German book price index for the past five years]
===Other Things of Interest===
===Other Things of Interest===

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WESSWeb > German Studies Web > German Bookstores & Book Trade


German Studies Web: Bookstores, Publishers, etc.

The Karlsruher virtueller Katalog allows a simultaneous search of several of the new and used book catalogs listed below.

Books in Print

Web access to the Verzeichnis lieferbarer Bücher, the German equivalent of Books in Print.
German vendor database with 450,000 German-language titles.
Catalog of the Swiss Book Center.
from the German Book Office in New York (includes forthcoming translations of German titles).

Web Sites of Publishers, Vendors and Book Stores

Directories, Catalogs and Lists

An international directory of publishers and vendors.
Catalogs and profiles of publishers.
Listings of suppliers of German books and other materials in the United States and Canada.
A lengthy listing of web sites for publishers and book stores.

Vendors and Book Services

Individual Online Bookstores

Antiquarian Books

A European catalogue of antiquarian books on the Internet. You will find here more than 9 million antiquarian books on offer from over 1500 antiquarian book dealers all over the world.
Comparison shopping for used and new books


Other Things of Interest

Focus on electronic publishing. Includes selected articles from the Börsenblatt.
A comprehensive listing

WESSWeb > German Studies Web > German Bookstores & Book Trade

The German Studies Web is designed to provide access to scholarly resources in German Studies, including all German-speaking countries. The resources organized here have undergone a selection and evaluation process. If needed, annotations have been provided augmenting the research value of these resources to scholars.
The editor for the German Studies Web is Reinhart Sonnenburg (Dartmouth College). We welcome contributors.

Comments and further suggestions may be sent to: sonnenburg @

The German Studies Web is part of the Western European Studies Section Web of resources for Western European studies.

We would like to thank the libraries of Brigham Young University and Dartmouth College for providing assistance and computing resources that make this national endeavor possible.



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