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Column Editor: Robert L. Kusmer

Vol. 31, no. 2

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JKL = Jeffry K. Larson

RLK = Robert L. Kusmer



L’année poétique. 2008. Eds. Patrice Delbourg, Jean-Luc Maxence et Florence Trocmé. Paris: Seghers, 2008. 295 p.; 20 cm. ISBN 9782232123009: €19

A resurrection (since 2005, but skipping 2006) of a yearly anthology and survey of Francophone poetry. After selections from 120 poets come their brief bio-bibliographies, a selective directory of over 80 revues featuring poetry, a selective directory of publishers of poetry, a brief list of poetry web sites, a directory of audio publishers and groups, a directory of maisons de la poésie and other similar organisms, and a list of recommended works that could not be included in rubrics elsewhere in the volume. [JKL]

Bibliographie des écrivains français/Bibliographica (ISSN 1245-2505) Paris; Roma: Memini. No. 29: Saba, Guido. Théophile de Viau. 314 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 9788886609463: € 63

Another installment in a series of classed annotated bibliographies on French literary authors whose first number was noted in our Spring 1996 issue (see also our Spring 2000, Fall 2001 and 2002, Spring 2003, and Fall 2006 and 2007 issues). Includes indices of keywords, outstanding studies, theses, authors of book reviews, and authors and translators. The series editors’ preface is dated 1997. [JKL]

Bologne, Jean-Claude. Qui m'aime me suive: Dictionnaire commenté des allusions historiques. Paris: Larousse, 2007. 303 p.; ill.: 21 cm. (Le souffle des mots) ISBN 9782035826916: € 9.90

A useful dictionary of historical allusions, mainly to Gallic or classical incidents or quotations, that the French love to use as shorthand in political or journalistic discourse. Arranged by keyword, entries provide a definition (including if ironic), recent uses, the origin, a precise bibliographic citation, an explanation of the historical circumstances (typically about a page long, except in the case of the 80 briefer entries in an appendix), and an occasional secondary bibliography. Includes a 3-page bibliography, and indices of allusions (including those associated with the ones receiving their own entry) and of authors and historical personages. Aims at definitiveness, but recognizes that some cases remain unknowable (v., e. g., “Honni soit qui mal y pense”). Beware, however, of this series: the publisher reissues works with widely varying titles. [JKL]

Darrigrand, Mariette. Ces mots qui nous gouvernent: Abécédaire de la France sarkozienne. Paris: Bayard, 2008. 189 p.; ISBN 9782227477544: € 16

By a semio-blogueuse <www.rue89.com/signes-contre-signes>, this glossary presents and analyses the commonplaces and catch-phrases that constitute the Idols of the Marketplace under Sarkozy. Unlike the case with most such topical treatments, the illustrative quotations here are precisely sourced. No bibliography or index, however. [JKL]

Deflandre, Christian. Dictionnaire illustré du pet. Paris: Horay, 2008. 330 p.; ill. (col.): 16 cm. (Collection Cabinet de Curiosité[s]) ISBN 9782705804596: € 19

For your artsy-fartsy collection, an illustrated dictionary of flatulence, presenting mainly reproductions of cartoons and postcards. The author, founder of the Musée de la Carte Postale (Antibes), blames Walt Disney for almost persuading him the phenomenon did not exist. No index or bibliography. [JKL]

Dictionnaire des imprimeurs, libraires et gens du livre à Paris, 1701-1789. A-C. Eds. Frédéric Barbier, Sabine Juratic, Annick Mellerio. Genève: Droz, 2007. ix, 688 p.; ill.: 23 cm. (Ecole pratique des hautes études, sciences historiques et philologiques. VI, Histoire et civilisation du livre, Histoire et civilisation du livre; 30) ISBN 9782600013369 € 101.70

The beginning of an ambitious biographical dictionary of 18th-century Parisian printers and book dealers. Entries provide brief biographical information and references to sources. Includes statistical tables, genealogical trees, a 9-page list of manuscripts sources and a 14-page bibliography of printed sources used in this volume, and an index of personal and corporate names, places and titles of anonymous works. [JKL]

Fictions narratives en prose de l’âge baroque: Répertoire analytique. Première partie, 1585-1610. Ed. Frank Greiner. Paris: Champion, 2007. 993 p.; ill.: 24 cm. (Bibliothèque littéraire de la renaissance, 71) ISBN 9782745315434: € 80

An ambitious dictionary of early modern French prose fiction, with 241 title entries in the first volume; coverage through 1643 is projected. Signed articles provide bibliographic information, plot summaries, successive editions, literary and philosophical sources, holding locations, and selected critical references. Includes a list of primary authors, a chronology, lists of illustrated works, a list of titles not included, a list of related ephemera, a 30-page bibliography, and indices of personal and place names, themes, and titles.[JKL]

Gaude[r]mer, Marjorie. Inventaire de la presse socialiste: France, 1871-1914 [inventaire par département et chronologique]. Paris: Codhos [Collectif des centres de documentation en histoire ouvrière et sociale], 2007. 127 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 2951790325: € 13

A catalog of 1156 socialist periodicals printed in France between the fall of the Commune and the First World War, a body of materials in dire need of preservation. Entries are arranged as indicated in the subtitle and include a bibliographical description, periodicity, duration, and holding locations. Includes a title index. The publisher’s web site <www.codhos.asso.fr> includes two related databases, Annuaire signalétique des fonds de militants: Fiches signalétques de fonds d’archives de militants, & Base de données des Congrès du monde ouvrier: France 1870-2000, but not the database the preface promises to complement the printed Inventaire. [JKL]

Labes, Bertrand. Le guide des prix et concours littéraires: Edition 2008. Monaco: Rocher, 2008. 603 p.; 23 cm. ISBN 9782268064758: € 35

A classed directory of Francophone literary prizes and contests, being an expanded update by the same author, but with slight changes of title, of Balay BE177; the 1992, 1996, and 2000 editions were annotated in our Spring 1993, 1996, 2001, and 2004 issues. Includes indices of names of prizes, jurors, and secretaries, and of topics and monetary value of awards. Note changes of publisher. [JKL]

Lamy, Yves. Les anagrammes littéraires: Pseudonymes et cryptonymes. Paris: Belin, 2008. 298 p.; 19 cm. (Le français retrouvé, 50) ISBN 9782701147147: € 15

A dictionary of names of French literary authors and characters associated with anagrams, listed by real name or pseudonym, with anecdotal explanations and illustrations. The author invites corrigenda. Includes a 3-page bibliography and an index of names. [JKL]

Merle, Pierre. Nouveau dictionnaire de la langue verte: Le français argotique et familier au XXIe siècle. Paris: Denoël, 2007. 889 p.; 21 cm. ISBN 9782207257951: € 30

A popular glossary of contemporary familiar usage by a well-published pub-crawling lexicographer (see our Spring 1998, and Fall 2000 and 2006 issues). Entries include parts of speech, standard French equivalents, and occasional illustrative quotations that are unsourced except for personal observation. Includes a 6-page bibliography; no index. [JKL]

Mollard-Desfour, Annie. Le blanc: Dictionnaire de la couleur, mots et expressions d’aujourd'hui, XXe-XXIe. Paris: CNRS, 2008. 330 p.: ill: 16 p. de pl.; 22 cm. ISBN 9782271066367: €30

A thorough, scrupulously documented lexicon of the semantic field of whiteness by a specialist who has written similar works on bleu, rouge, rose, and noir from the same publisher. Entries give parts of speech, domain, definitions, and sourced illustrative quotations. Includes a 10-page bibliography and an index of terms and locutions. [JKL]

Neefs, Héloïse. Les disparus du Littré. Paris: Fayard, 2008. 1318 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 9782213635729: € 45

A collection of over 25,000 terms from Emile Littré’s Dictionnaire de la langue française and its Supplément (1863-78) [Balay AC332] that have been suppressed—or, in lexicographers’ jargon, tués—in current dictionaries. Entries, derived from Littré, include pronunciation, part of speech, semantic domain, definitions, illustrative quotations, and historical, etymological, and other notes. Includes an 18-page bibliography. Cf. J.-Cl. Raimbault’s similar treatment of the Petit Larousse, noted in our Fall 2006 issue. [JKL]

Le voyage français en Italie au XXe siècle: Bibliographie analytique. Fasano (Brindisi): Schena ; Paris (F): Lanore, 2007. 698 p.: ill.; 21 cm. (Bibliothèque du voyage français en Italie; 3: Biblioteca della ricerca. Bibliographica; 11) ISBN 9788882297312: € 60

The continuation for the 20th century of an annotated bibliography of French voyages to Italy, arranged in chronological chapters (with respect to the trip, not the edition), and alphabetically by author within each chapter—noted in our Spring 2007 issue. Another volume is planned for the 19th century. Entries show successive editions and holding locations. Includes a bibliography of sources and indices of names, titles, and illustrations. [JKL]

Yvert, Sylvie. Ceci n’est pas de la littérature: Les forcenés de la critique passent à l’acte. Monaco: Rocher, 2008. 221 p.; 19 cm. ISBN 9782268064772: € 14.90 A collection of excerpted acerbic criticisms of French authors from Rabelais to Sagan, mostly by their contemporaries, concentrating on the period 1850-1950. Arranged alphabetically by object of criticism and then chronologically, the bibliographical references are often abbreviated. No index or bibliography. [JKL]



Below, Jürgen. Hermann Hesse Bibliographie: Sekondärliteratur 1899-2007. Berlin; New York: Walter de Gruyter, 2007. 5 vols. (4,032 pp.). ISBN 9783110185591. € 598

With well over 21,400 citations organized according to the systematic catalog principle used at the Literaturarchiv Marbach, Below’s work can safely be characterized as comprehensive, despite the author’s admitted selectivity in the matter of minor pieces not independently published. Contents listing and review citations included for monographs. Indexes for authors, other named persons, work titles, keywords and places. [RLK]

Nürnberger, Helmuth, and Dietmar Storch. Fontane-Lexikon: Namen, Stoffe, Zeitgeschichte. München: Hanser, 2007. 517 pp. ISBN 9783446208414. € 39.90.

In essence a Fontane dictionary containing moderate-length articles on people, places, themes and works on all aspects of this major 19th century author and his reception. Articles include brief bibliographies divided into Fontane writings applicable to the article and pertinent secondary literature. Includes an introduction, afterword and chronology. [RLK]

Heinrich von Kleist Bibliographie. Teil 1, Bis 1990 / Günther Emig, Hg. unter Mitarbeit von Arno Pielenz. Heilbronner Kleist-Bibliographien, Bd. 2. Heilbronn: Kleist-Archiv Sembdner, 2007. 1,272 pp. ISBN 9783940494009 (pbk.). € 40.

This is not a new bibliography but rather a non-integrated compilation of nine previously published Kleist bibliographies providing coverage through 1990. That is not to demean its value, for by collocating these works Emig has certainly done a service to Kleist researchers. The volume reproduces the citations from Minde-Pouet, Rothe, Schmidt, Kade, Rahmer, Röbbeling, Weilen and Petsch in discrete sections and assigns to each citation a unique identifier comprised of bibliographer initials and section/citation number. Citations duplicated between Rothe and Schmidt display in Schmidt as “stricken” entries. Emig has also provided brief descriptive assessments of the scope and methodology employed in Minde-Pouet, Rothe and Schmidt, and reproduced the introductory and explanatory sections from their original bibliographies. [RLK]

Deutsches Neologismenwörterbuch: neue Wörter und Wortbedeutungen in der Gegenwartssprache / herausgegeben von Uwe Quasthoff, unter Mitarbeit von Sandra Liebold, Nancy Taubert, Tanja Wolf. Berlin; New York: de Gruyter, 2007. 690 pp. ISBN 9783110188691 (pbk.). € 29.95.

Based on the multi-million word database of the Universität Leipzig, the 2,284 entries contained in this dictionary reflect those words deemed “new” between the years 2000 and 2006, as determined by an automated frequency analysis. The pool of words selected comprised those whose usage during the period 2000-2006 spiked measurably compared with the period 1995-1999. Beyond that, “new” is defined as words newly formed, newly adopted within German usage, or words previously used in German but now having newly added meanings. Each entry has three parts: branch of knowledge to which it pertains and the definition, quoted usage examples with references, and—interestingly—a chart showing the relative usage of the word between 1995 and 2006, including total usage and year of greatest use. [RLK]

Lutzeier, Peter Rolf. Wörterbuch des Gegensinns im Deutschen. Band 1, A-G. Berlin; New York: De Gruyter, 2007. 754 pp., col. charts. ISBN 9783110190007. € 198.

Steeped in the nuances of semantics and connotation, this emerging publication touts itself as a totally new “species” of dictionary, neither a book of synonyms or antonyms, but instead of “contrary” meanings. When complete in three volumes, it will cover ca. 5,500 entries. Each is a mini-article in its own right, consistently organized with clearly articulated discreet meanings, usage examples drawn from existing sources, bibliographic citation to the sources, and a summarizing “principle of opposition.” Fascinating for those wishing to delve more deeply into German. [RLK]

Grundbücher der österreichischen Literatur seit 1945. Erste Lieferung / herausgegeben von Klaus Kastberger und Kurt Neumann, unter Mitarbeit von Michael Hansel. Profil, Bd. 14. Wien: Zsolnay, 2007. 334 pp. ISBN 9783552054189 (Pbk.). € 21.50.

Provisionally, twenty-five titles have been deemed foundational for post-World War II Austrian literature; the part title „erste Lieferung“ promises a continuation. Each of the selected authors is covered by one or more brief essays or interviews. The essays by scholars have one or more bibliographic entries. An interesting entry in the genre “literary canon nomination.” [RLK]

Metzler Lexikon Literatur: Begriffe und Definitionen / begründet von Günther und Irmgard Schweikle ; herausgegeben von Dieter Burdorf, Christoph Fasbender, Burkhard Moennighoff. 3., völlig neu bearbeitete Aufl. Stuttgart: Metzler, 2007. 845 pp. ISBN 9783476016126. € 29.95.

The addition of over 600 new entries brings the 3rd ed. to more than 4,000 entries written by over 300 scholars. Coverage of the entire history of European literature is provided through articles on genres and forms, movements and periods, literary theory, poetics, rhetoric and stylistics. Bibliographies included with the articles. [RLK]

Wiesemann, Falk. Judaica bavarica: neue Bibliographie zur Geschichte der Juden in Bayern. Essen: Klartext, 2007. 1,022 pp. ISBN 9783898616546. € 129.

This is the second edition of Wiesemann’s bibliography, although the first with Klartext. Compared with the 1989 Saur publication, this one is vastly expanded (from 263 pages to 1,022 and from 3,000 citations to 12,500. Although some of the new entries came from publications since 1989 or earlier missed material, the bulk of the increase comes from previously untapped periodical literature of the Jewish press from the beginning of the 19th century to 1938. The alphabetic arrangement of the 1989 edition has been discontinued in favor of chronological order within each section. [RLK]


Azcune, Valentín. Biblioteca teatral. Madrid: Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, 2007. 388 p.; 22 cm. + CD-ROM. (Colección Literatura breve; 16) ISBN 8400085485: € 30.77

A catalog or index of the contents of a popular 19th- and 20th-century Spanish series. Includes a 10-page bibliography and 10 indices to the entries which provide brief bibliographical and dramaturgical information about the printed plays. As in other numbers in this series (see our Spring 2001 and Fall 2003 and 2006 issues), full contents and more access points are provided by an accompanying CD-ROM. [JKL]

Bibliografía analítica da lingua galega (2004). [Ed.] Francisco García Gondar. Santiago de Compostela: Xunta de Galicia, Secretaría Xeral de Política Lingüística, Centro Ramón Piñeiro para a Investigación en Humanidades, 2006. 398 p.; 24 cm. (Colección Cadernos da Bilega; 1) ISBN 9788445344941: $13.86

Derived from the Bibliografía Informatizada da Lingua Galega (BILEGA) <http://www.cirp.es/bdo/bil/> this classed, annotated bibliography of publications on the Galician language follows up on the editor’s Repertorio bibliográfico da lingüística galega, noted in our Fall 1996 issue. The 803 entries cover 1550 items, including book reviews. Includes indices of authors, languages, periods, linguistic varieties, sources, and lexical terms. [JKL]

Diccionario Bompiani de autores: de todos los tiempos y de todos los países. 6. ed. Barcelona: Hora, 2005. 3 v.: 3214 p.; 23 cm. ISBN 8485950860: € 110.58

The 6th edition “completamenta renovada” of the Castilian version of the well-known Bompiani dictionary of authors [see Balay BE63]. A typical signed article presents basic biographical information, references to the works treated in the complementary Diccionario literario Bompiani [infra], and brief descriptions of those that are not. No index. [JKL]

Diccionario estudio Salamanca maior. [Ed. Trinidad Sánchez Muñoz]. Barcelona: Octaedro, 2007. xxvi, 1218 p.; 31 cm. ISBN 9788480639071: € 56.25

A normative desktop monolingual dictionary of peninsular Castilian, with some Americanisms, aimed at the secondary student. The 30,124 articles cover words and phrases with 59,210 definitions (according to the back cover blurb), grammatical categories, semantic domain, register, illustrative quotations from secondary level textbooks, grammatical notes, synonyms, occasional etymologies, and see-references. Includes appendices on prefixes, suffixes, orthography, grammar, toponyms, general symbols, and mythology. [JKL]

Diccionario literario Bompiani: de obras y personajes de todos los tiempos y de todos los países. [Ed. Martín de Riquer.] 6. ed. Barcelona: Hora, 2006. 10 v.: 11,273 p.; 23 cm. ISBN 848595002X (Obra Completa): € 500

The 6th edition “completamenta renovada” of the Castilian version “ajustada” of the well-known Bompiani literary dictionary [Balay BE63], with no explicit indication of the scale of Hispanicization. A typical signed article presents basic information on the first appearance of the work and its author, a description of its form and content, and a summary of critical judgments. Vol. IX is a dictionary of characters, both historical and fictional. Vol. X consists of indices of titles in their original language, of Greek titles, and of authors. See the complementary Diccionario Bompiani de autores [supra] [JKL]

Slager, Emile. Diccionario de uso de las preposiciones españolas. Pozuelo de Alarcón: Espasa, c2007. 808 p.; 24 cm. (Espasa léxicos) ISBN 9788467025903: $52.23

The second edition of a semi-scholarly dictionary of prepositional phrases whose back cover blurb claims “Todas las construcciones preposicionales del español actual”—a subject of doubts for native speakers and advanced learners. Each of the more than 5000 entries includes semantic markers (e. g., “afecto”, “culto”), grammatical categories, commentaries, and illustrative examples with sources. Includes indices of semantic markers and of prepositional combinations, as well a 58-page bibliography of documentary sources and a 2-page theoretical bibliography. [JKL]

Tsaliki, Grammatikí. Las antologías de la poesía española reciente. Granada: Editorial Universidad de Granada, 2007. 172 p.; 21 cm. (Monográfica. Biblioteca de Humanidades. Teoría y crítica literarias; 18) ISBN 8433845403: € 12.50

A critical survey of Spanish poetry anthologies in the last 3 decades. [JKL]


Boggione, Valter; & Massobrio, Lorenzo. Dizionario dei proverbi: i proverbi italiani organizzati per temi: 30.000 detti raccolti nelle regioni italiane e tramandati dalle fonti letterarie. Torino: UTET libreria, 2007. xlviii, 654 p.; 22 cm. ISBN 9788802077178: € 22

Reprint of a classed dictionary of Italian proverbs. Entries, in large part derived from the Atlante Paremiologico Italiano, indicate sources. Includes a 17-page bibliography, but no keyword index nor even an analytical table of contents of the complex classification scheme. [JKL]

Dizionario autori italiani contemporanei. 4. ed. ampliata. Milano: G. Miano, 2006. 407 p.: ill.; 24 cm. (Contributi bibliografici) No ISBN € 40

Updated edition of a biographical dictionary of contemporary Italian authors whose previous editions were noted in our Fall 1992 and 1997 issues. [JKL]

Ferrari, Anna. Dizionario dei luoghi letterari immaginari. [Turin]: UTET libreria, c2007. xxiii, 654 p.; 22 cm. ISBN 9788802078687: € 24

An international dictionary of imagined settings of literary and para-literary works. The entry on “Gotham City” refers to Batman, and that on “Pemberley” to the Joe Wright film version of Pride and Prejudice, as well as its literary source. Includes a 6-page bibliography and indices of authors and titles and of the types of settings. [JKL]

Gambetti, Lucio; & Vezzosi, Franco. Rarità bibliografiche del Novecento italiano: repertorio delle edizioni originali. Milano: Sylvestre Bonnard, c2007. 1061 p.: ill.; 24 cm. (L’ordine dei libri) ISBN 9788889609385: € 75

A catalog of literary first editions of 277 20th-century Italian authors. The entries are arranged by author and then chronologically, and receive more detailed cataloging than in the authors’ previous repertory, La letteratura italiana del Novecento: repertorio delle prime edizioni, noted in our Fall 1997 issue. Authors receive brief literary biographies and a listing of relevant archives; editions are given physical descriptions and indications of films adaptations and of market status. In appendix are selected editions of authors not covered in the main section, including some overlapping from the previous century, but excluding futurist texts. Includes a 9-page bibliography. [JKL]

Gatta, Massimo. Librai e librerie di ieri e di oggi: una bibliografia. [Macerata]: Biblohaus, 2008. 307 p.; 21 cm. ISBN 9788895844015 € 20

An unannotated chronological (1539-2007) bibliography of books and articles, mostly in Italian, about booksellers, excluding the fictional genre of bibliomysteries. Includes an index of personal names and bookstores. [JKL]

La Porta, Filippo; & Leonelli, Giuseppe. Dizionario della critica militante: letteratura e mondo contemporaneo. [Milan, Italy]: Bompiani, 2007. 268 p.; 20 cm. (Tascabili Bompiani; 388.) ISBN 9788845259159: € 11

A survey of Italian literary criticism in the 1980s and 1990s, concluding with a bio-bibliographical dictionary by Caterina Marinucci. Includes an index of names. [JKL]

Il primo Zanichelli a colori: vocabolario di italiano. Ed. Mario Cannella. Bologna: Zanichelli, 2004. 912 p.: col. ill., col. maps; 26 cm. ISBN 880805425X: € 49

A primary school dictionary with many color illustrations whose details are labeled. Entries include syllabification, part of speech, definitions, simple etymologies, unsourced illustrative quotations, synonyms, antonyms, and see-references. [JKL]

Rao, Ennio I. Curmudgeons in high dudgeon: 101 years of invectives, 1352-1453. Messina: A. Sfameni, 2007. 191 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 9788878202711: € 20

A survey of high(?) Renaissance invectives, from Petrarch to Lorenzo Valla, concluding with a “Repertory of Humanistic Invectives.” Includes a 20-page bibliography and an index of names. [JKL]

Vaccaro, Giulio. Un libbro va, uno viè: bibliografia della letteratura romanesca dal 1870 al Duemila. Roma: Aracne, 2007. 286 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 9788854810471: € 15

An unannotated bibliography of 1300 publications in the dialect of Rome since G. G. Belli. Includes indices of publishers and of years. [JKL]

Viola, Corrado. Addizioni al Battaglia e al suo Supplemento. Verona: Fiorini, 2007. x, 103 p.; 20 cm. (Università degli studi di Verona, Dipartimento di romanistica; [14]) ISBN 9788887082630: € 15

Addenda to Balay AC524/Walford7 3:5838 and its supplement. [JKL]

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