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Column Editor: Robert L. Kusmer

Vol. 28, no. 2

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JKL = Jeffry K. Larson
RLK = Robert L. Kusmer
RS = Reinhart Sonnenburg


Barluet, Sophie. L’Edition de sciences humaines et sociales, le coeur en danger: Rapport de mission pour le Centre National du Livre sur l'édition de sciences humaines et sociales en France, mars 2004. Paris: Presses universitaires de France, 2004. 170 p.(Quadrige; Essais, débats) ISBN: 2130547516: €10

Commissioned by the Centre National du Livre, this concise, incisive qualitative and quantitative survey of the crisis in social sciences and humanities publishing in France touches on many of the themes of the WESS Paris conference. It also focuses on specific publishers (Cerf, PUF, Karthala, Droz, Ellipses, and l’Harmattan), and makes specific recommendations for the CNL in its support of this important sector of publishing. Should be consulted by every selector of French materials. [JKL]

Schwarzfuchs, Lyse. Le livre hébreu à Paris au XVIe siècle : inventaire chronologique. Paris: Editions de la Bibliothèque nationale de France, 2004. 268 p.-pl.: ill. ISBN: 2717722971: €55

Following an analytical introduction, an inventory of 439 largely Parisian Hebrew imprints of the 16th century. Entries give physical descriptions and holding locations. Includes a list of reporting libraries, printer locations, and an index of cited Parisian printers and booksellers, as well as a general index, and a 4–page bibliography. [JKL]

Des sources pour l’histoire des femmes. Ed. Annick Tillier. Paris: Editions de la Bibliothèque nationale de France, 2004. 208 p.: ill. ISBN: 2717723226: €20

A classed guide to resources on the history of women held by the BNF, l’Arsenal, and other related collections, with instructions on how to use printed and online indices. Concludes with a classed 41-page bibliography of recent studies on the history of women, a brief list of relevant serials, internet sites, and institutions, and an index of persons. [JKL]

Gordienne, Robert. Dictionnaire argotique des trucs, des bidules et des machines. Paris: Hors commerce, 2004. 651 p. (Hors texte) ISBN: 2915286310: €23

A popular dictionary of 8,000 French slang terms. Entries offer brief grammatical information and definitions, and occasional illustrative quotations sourced by author. Includes a thematic index and a 10-page bibliography. [JKL]

Guide des BDP 2004: données 2002. Ed. Alain Caraco. Bron: Association des directeurs de bibliothèques départementales de prêt (France), 2004. 988 p. (Guide des BDP, 1246-1857) ISBN: 2910968154: €20

A regular directory of regional lending libraries, with statistical and other information for each institution. Includes statistical summaries in appendix. Contains ads. Some of the information is available at the Association’s web site: http://www.adbdp.asso.fr/. [JKL]

Rochette, Hélène. Maisons d’écrivains et d’artistes: Paris et ses alentours. Paris: Parigramme, c2004. 269 p.: ill. (some col.), col. maps. ISBN: 2840962276: €22

A guide to authors’ and artists’ homes/landmarks/museums in and around Paris. Entries provide directory information, including URLs, and descriptions. Includes a 1-page bibliography, a directory of associations, and an index of personal and place names. [JKL]

Doillon, Albert. Le dico de la santé. Paris: Fayard, c2004. 366 p. (Collection “Les mots en liberté”). ISBN: 2213617228: €25

A dictionary of terms, largely popular and familiar, relating to health, some rather loosely. Entries offer glosses in standard French and sourced illustrative quotations. Includes an index of phrases and a 12-page bibliography. Some standard terms are omitted: e. g., grippe, règles (cf. Anglais); see-references are inconsistent: there is no reference from capote to anglaise, which does give an explanation and a reference to the entry capote in Doillon’s Dico du sexe, noted in our Spring 2003 issue. [JKL]

Gaumer, Patrick. Larousse de la BD. Paris: Larousse, 2004. 889 p.: 80 p. of plates. ISBN: 2035054168: €49.90

A slight, silent revision of Gaumer’s Dictionnaire mondial de la bande dessinée (Larousse, 2001), whose 2nd edition we noted in our Spring 2002 issue. Includes an index of names and titles, but omits the index of countries. [JKL]

Bertrand, Pierre-Michel. Dictionnaire des gauchers. Paris : Imago, c2004. 298 p.: ill. ISBN: 2849520047: €22

A concise popular encyclopedia of left-handedness, divided into two sections: common nouns and proper names, with in between, as in the Petit Larousse, a section of quotations and phrases from various languages. Entries include sources of quotations; no bibliography or index. [JKL]

Edouard, Robert. Dictionnaire des injures. Nouvelle édition revue et complétée par Michel Carassou. Paris: 10-18, 2004, [1983], 509 p. (10-18; 3725; Domaine français) ISBN: 2264039752: €10

A reissue in a popular format of a serious dictionary of French insults. Entries provide explanations, sourced examples, and etymologies. The fore matter and thematic index are included in the simultaneously published Traité d’injurologie, which formed part of the original volume. [JKL]

Enckell, Pierre. Dictionnaire des jurons. Paris: Presses universitaires de France, c2004. 800 p. ISBN: 2130539335: €30

A semi-scholarly dictionary of French swearing terms of varying degrees of obscenity. Entries indicate type (e. g., interjection) rather than semantic content, illustrative citations, lexicographical references, and occasional etymological or historical remarks; the etymology for “bougre” hardly touches on its roots. Includes an 18-page anthology, a 44-page bibliography, and an index of entries and see references. [JKL]

Godard, Didier. Dictionnaire des chefs d’état homosexuels ou bisexuals. Béziers: H&O, 2004. 268 p. ISBN: 2845470908: €20

A popular world-wide (but mainly occidental) biographical dictionary of some 90 or so gay or bi sovereigns that criticizes the treatment of previous historians. Its conclusion says it all: “Liberté, Égalité, Homosexualité”. Includes a 4-page bibliography. [JKL]


Alexander, Keith, and Annemarie Sammartino, eds. German Studies in North America: A Directory of Scholars. (Reference Guide, 17) Washington, D.C.: German Historical Institute, 2004. 1165 pp.

An alphabetically arranged directory of over 1,000 scholars across multiple disciplines, whose common denominator is an interest in historical research related to the German-speaking world. Each article describes the areas of research for the scholar, and provides contact information and a bibliography of the person’s works. This printed edition is complemented by an online version which will be updated, available at http://www.ghi-dc.org/. Also includes indexes by time period, broad interest, and specific interest. [RLK]

König, Christoph, ed. Internationales Germanistenlexikon, 1800-1950 / bearbeitet von Birgit Wägenbaur zusammen mit Andrea Frindt … [et al.]. Berlin; New York: de Gruyter, 2003. 3 vols. (2,200 pp.) + [optional] CD-ROM. ISBN 3110154854 (text only):
€ 428; 3110175886 (text + CD-ROM): € 578; 3110175878 (CD-ROM only): € 428

While such reference works seldom stir up controversy, this one did, drawing the attention of the press (see review in Die Zeit, Dec. 4, 2003) because of its inclusion of party affiliation data on still-living scholars who worked during the Nazi era. Documenting 1,514 Germanisten from forty-four countries, this biographical lexicon is the collective undertaking of the Marbach ”Arbeitsstelle für die Erforschung der Geschichte der Germanistik” and nearly 600 contributors from numerous countries. Criterion for inclusion, other than the ambiguous professional identification as Germanist, was that the scholar’s first book (which could be the dissertation) was published between 1800 and 1950. The optional CD-ROM (not seen) includes 114 more articles than the printed version, some additional data (e.g. the category “Hinweise”) and the possibilities for searching inherent in the electronic medium. [RLK]

Strupp, Christoph, and Birgit Zischke. German Americana, 1800-1955: A Comprehensive Bibliography of German, Austrian, and Swiss Books and Dissertations on the United States / with the assistance of Kai Dreisbach. Reference Guide, 18. Washington, D.C.: German Historical Institute, 2005. 552 pp.

According to the compilers, this is the first comprehensive bibliography of monographic scholarship on the United States originating in German-speaking Europe from the year 1800 to the mid-twentieth century. It includes books, unpublished dissertations and Habilitationsschriften but excludes periodical literature. Its ca. 6,000 entries complement the pre-1800 coverage by Baginsky, Palmer and Dippel, and post-1955 scholarship is represented in the annual bibliographies of the Jahrbuch für Amerikastudien. The work is arranged by thirty-one broad topical categories, several being sub-divided as well, and follows chronological order within the categories. Includes author and subject indexes. [RLK]

Wilhelmi, Thomas. Nikodemus Frischlin, 1557-1590: Bibliographie. Tübinger Bausteine zur Landesgeschichte, 4. Leinfelden-Echterdingen: DRW-Verlag, 2004. 191 pp., facsims. € 13.80

This bibliography of works by and about the German dramatist, educator and classical scholar from late German humanism closes a scholarly gap. The 667 descriptive citations comprise works of Frischlin, works to which he contributed, 19th– to 21st- century editions, and secondary literature. In addition to an introduction and chronology, the bibliography is enhanced by indexes of persons, titles of Frischlin’s works, printers and publishers, and libraries and archives. [RLK]

Wall, Renate. Lexikon deutschsprachiger Schriftstellerinnen im Exil, 1933-1945. Überarbeitete und aktualisierte Neuausg. der Ausg. von 1995. Giessen: Haland & Wirth, 2004. 553 pp., ports. ISBN 3898062295 (pbk.). € 36

Updated and revised since its 1995 1st edition, this bio-bibliographical work profiles 203 women writers from the German-speaking countries who were forced to emigrate during the Nazi era. It includes those whose books were banned, those who were persecuted and forced to flee, those who began or continued to write in exile. With few exceptions, the compass of the book necessitated excluding those whose only writing consisted of an autobiography. A list of contributing authors at the end implies a collaborative undertaking, although this is not explicitly noted in the preface or articles. Bibliographies of reference works and consulted literature are found at the end, in addition to the primary and secondary bibliographies within the articles. [RLK]

Bayerische Staatsbibliothek. Die jiddischen Drucke der Bayerischen Staatsbibliothek: alphabetischer Katalog mit einem Verfasserregister in hebräischer Schrift = The Yiddish printed books in the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek: alphabetical catalogue with an index of names in Hebrew script. (Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Schriftenreihe, Bd. 3) München: Saur, 2004. 699 pp. € 198

The Yiddish collection of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek is among the treasures of this magnificent library, comprising over 5,000 volumes and ranking as one of the largest in Europe. The collection is the result of acquisitions begun in the mid-1500s and continued through the present day, with special effort since World War II. The catalog is fully descriptive, with Romanized entries and titles, as well as cross references for names. Additionally, there is an index of personal names in Hebrew script with references to the Latin transliteration used in the catalog. The preface and introduction are in German and English. [RLK]

Janke, Pia. Werkverzeichnis Elfriede Jelinek / unter Mitarbeit von Peter Clar [… et al.]. Wien: Edition Praesens, 2004. 659 pp. ISBN 3706902125 (pbk.).

The title belies the fact that this is more than just a bibliography of the Austrian Nobel Prize winner for literature. In addition to comprising a primary and secondary listing of works, including also film and interview entries, Janke and colleagues have assembled a variety of additional “enticements,” including short excerpts and critical commentaries. [RLK]

Engel, Manfred, ed. Rilke-Handbuch : Leben, Werk, Wirkung. Ed. Manfred Engel. Stuttgart : J.B. Metzler, 2004. 570 pp. ISBN: 3476018113. € 64.95.

This solid compendium presents signed articles on many aspects of Rilke’s life and work, with special focus on interdisciplinary questions and the cultural context. It includes a substantial bibliography of primary and secondary sources and a subject index. [RS]

Heine, Gert, and Paul Schommer. Thomas Mann Chronik. Frankfurt am Main: Klostermann, 2004. 626 pp. ISBN 3465032357. € 49

A very interesting annalistic account referenced to and enriched through inclusion of excerpts from countless autobiographical and contemporary sources. Access to the content is further enhanced through indexes of work titles, persons, corporate bodies and periodical/journalistic titles and offices. [RLK]

Höhn, Gerhard. Heine Handbuch: Zeit, Person, Werk. 3., überarbeitete und erw. Aufl. 590 pp. ISBN 3476019659. € 49.95.

Following seven years after the 2nd edition, this edition distinguishes itself from the latter by the inclusion of a substantial “Bibliographie 1996-2003 mit Nachträgen.” The bibliography from the 2nd ed. is retained as well. The work is divided into an opening section treating Heine’s life and the historical context, and a section devoted to an assessment of his works. [RLK]

Rasch, Wolfgang. Bibliographie Peter Rühmkorf, 1951-2004. (Bibliographien zur deutschen Literaturgeschichte, Bd. 13) Bielefeld: Aisthesis, 2004. 2 vol. ISBN 3895284769 (pbk.). € 98

The bibliography of this contemporary German poet is divided into primary entries (vol. 1) and secondary entries (vol. 2). Aided by having access to the Rühmkorf Archive, Rasch has compiled 4,200 citations from a wide array of sources and multiple media formats. Access is enhanced through indexes for persons, poem titles and work titles. An introduction and chronology are also included. [RLK]

Müther, Karl-Heinz. Bibliographie Arno Schmidt. 7. Nachlieferung. (Bibliographien zur deutschen Literaturgeschichte, Bd. 1) Bielefeld: Aisthesis, 2004. 108 pp. ISBN 389528436X (pbk.). € 19.50

The latest in a regularly produced update which, starting from the point of Müther’s 1974 bibliography, provides coverage from 1949 to the present. Earlier coverage was provided by Hans-Michael Bock for 1949-1978, complemented by Michael Matthias Schardt for 1979-1985, and by Robert Weninger in his 1995 bibliography of secondary literature on Schmidt. [RLK]

Wild, Inge and Reiner, eds. Mörike Handbuch: Leben, Werk, Wirkung. Stuttgart: Metzler, 2004. 279 pp. ISBN 3476018121. € 49.95.

Presentation and assessment of one of the important 19th century German poets by twenty scholars. The handbook is arranged into sections dealing with Mörike’s life, the contemporary literary and cultural contexts, his works, and the author’s influence and reception. An appendix contains a time-line, bibliography and indexes by persons and work titles. [RLK]

Bär, Jochen A., ed. Von “aufmüpfig” bis “Teuro”: die “Wörter der Jahre” 1971-2002. Mannheim: Dudenverlag, 2003. 345 pp. ISBN: 341104201X (pbk.) : € 25.

A collection of about 200 neologisms from a particularly productive 30 year period in German linguistic history. Entries range from “abwickeln” (referring to the liquidation of the former East German institutions) to “Ozonloch” (ozone hole) to “Zweierkiste” (see “Schrägstrichehe,” a term for unmarried couples, increasingly used for homosexual partnership; see also “Homo-Ehe”). Several linguistic articles provide additional background information. [RS]

Duden Oxford Standardwörterbuch Englisch: Deutsch-Englisch, Englisch-Deutsch. 3., neubearbeitete und erw. Aufl. / herausgegeben von der Dudenredaktion und Oxford University Press. Mannheim: Dudenverlag, 2004. 1289 pp. ISBN 3411057831. € 25.50

Since its 2nd edition six years ago, the Standardwörterbuch has primarily updated its content and enriched its presentation. With a practical, current usage emphasis, the dictionary is oriented toward idiomatically correct oral and written formulations. Expanding the “info-boxes” on linguistic topics, the 3rd ed. now includes cultural topics of the English and German-speaking countries. Another new feature is the inclusion of sample letters in German and English for private and business applications, expressions useful in a telephone conversation, and electronic text messaging abbreviations for both languages. While the book has a UK orientation to it, American entries (e.g., Amtrak, elementary school) equivalents and usages are included throughout, making it usable on both sides of the Atlantic. [RLK]

Duden: Deutsch als Fremdsprache / herausgegeben von der Dudenredaktion in Zusammenhang mit dem Max Hueber Verlag. Mannheim: Dudenverlag, 2003. 720 pp., illus. ISBN 3411705116. € 14.90

Another fine addition to the Duden line, this dictionary combines the lexicographical expertise of Duden with the linguistic-pedagogical experience of the Max Hueber Verlag. The volume is aimed at the needs of the intermediate foreign student of German, and as an aid to this purpose includes among its 11,000 entries the 2,000 required for the “Zertifikat Deutsch” in blue typeface. Entries include the IPA pronunciation guide, definition, usage examples and synonyms. An extensive grammatical reference section opens the book, while political maps, schematic overviews of the pre-university level school organization of the German-speaking countries, and a section on numbers and time completes the introductory information intended for the foreign student. [RLK]

Duden: Reden, gut und richtig halten!: Ratgeber für wirkungsvolles und modernes Reden / herausgegeben und bearbeitet von der Dudenredaktion in Zusammenarbeit mit Siegfried A. Huth. 3., neu bearbeitete und erg. Aufl. Mannheim: Dudenverlag, 2004. 768 pp.; illus. ISBN 341104683X. € 19.95

Ten years after its debut, Duden’s title focusing on the improvement of the rhetorical arts in German oral presentation has now been published in a revised and expanded 3rd ed. Following an opening section devoted to the history of rhetoric from antiquity to the present day, the handbook then delves in-depth into the form and substance of the rhetorical arts, including preparation of the delivery, proof and argumentation, choice of words and expressions, relation to the audience, presentation, and the rhetoric of conversation. Reference to multi-media elements in the context of an address have been included as well. An expanded section of model, hypothetical speeches for a wide variety of occasions follows. Finally, the volume is rounded out by a substantial collection of attributed classical and modern quotations in (or translated into) German. [RLK]

Iglhaut, Bernhard. Grosses Wörterbuch Deutsch-Synonyme. Compact SilverLine. Vollständige Taschenbuchausg. München: Compact Verlag, 2004. 448 p. ISBN 3817474830 (pbk.). € 4.95

A handy ready-reference tool, this dictionary of synonyms contains about 100,000 entries. Cross-references are also provided both to entries under which the term is included and to other entries from included terms. [RLK]

PONS Grosswörterbuch : Deutsch als Fremdsprache / bearbeitet von Susanne Balhar [et al.]. 1. Aufl. Barcelona: Klett, 2004. 1,700 pp. ISBN 3125170427. € 28.50

Oriented to the foreign student of German, this new all-German dictionary comprises 77,000 entries and more than 125,000 definitions and examples, with consideration of idiomatic, geographic and discipline-specific usages, stylistics and current practice. [RLK]

Wahrig Fehlerfreies und gutes Deutsch: das zuverlässige Nachschlagewerk zur Klärung sprachlicher Zweifelsfälle. Gütersloh: Bertelsmann Lexikon Institut, 2003. 949 pp. ISBN 357710466X. € 17

A handbook for correct usage of contemporary German, this Wahrig publication considers over 6,000 problem-prone linguistic situations of grammar, orthography, punctuation and style. Access is provided in two ways: according to the thematic organization of the volume (the four aspects just noted), or by way of an exhaustively analytic index. Replete with rule boxes and rule “tests” set off in color, with ample usage examples throughout. [RLK]


Redes: diccionario combinatorio del español contemporáneo: las palabras en su contexto. dirigido por Ignacio Bosque. Madrid: SM, [2004]. clxxiv, 1839 p. ISBN: 8467502762: €76.67

“El único diccionario del español que explica cómo se combinan las palabras” [publisher’s blurb]. An important, thorough dictionary of Castilian terms and phrases and their synonyms, with many cross-references, edited by a well-published academic grammarian and academician. The phrases are derived from a 250-million-word database of 68 periodical sources. The 157-page introduction presents and explains the use of the dictionary, concluding with a general linguistic discussion and a 5-page bibliography. [JKL]

Antes das playstations: 200 anos do romance de aventuras em Portugal. [Ed. Manuela Rego, Miguel Castelo-Branco]. Lisboa: Biblioteca Nacional, 2003. 279 p.: ill. (some col.). (Bibliografias BN; Colecções BN) ISBN 9725653653: $30

After introductory essays (summarized in French) focusing on Alexandre Dumas père, an exhibit catalog arranged by author of 946 adventure fiction titles held by the Biblioteca Nacional in Lisbon. Includes indices of names, serial titles, and Dumas’ works. [JKL]

Neves, Orlando. Dicionário da origem das palavras. Lisboa: Editorial Notícias, 2001. 230 p.: port. (Colecçaõ Outros dicionários) ISBN: 9724611876: $28

A selective popular dictionary of Portuguese etymologies. No critical apparatus. [JKL]

Neves, Orlando. Dicionário de nomes próprios. Lisboa: Notícias Editorial, 2002. 319 p.: port. ([Colecção] Outros dicionários) ISBN: 9724613747: $35

A selective popular dictionary of Portuguese names. No critical apparatus. [JKL]

Neves, Orlando. Dicionario do nome das coisas: e outros eponimos. Lisboa: Editorial Noticias, 2004. 127 p. ([Colecção] Outros dicionários) ISBN 9724615081: $15

A selective popular dictionary of Portuguese eponyms. No critical apparatus. [JKL]

Soto Arias, María do Rosario. Achegas a un dicionario de refráns galego-castelán, castelán-galego. S. Compostela: Xunta de Galicia, 2003. 347 p. (Biblioteca Fraseolóxica do Centro Ramón Pioñeiro. Cadernos de Fraseoloxía Galega; 5.) ISBN: 8445336541: €12.16

Billed as “materials for a dictionary”, this collection of Iberian proverbs offers bilingual glosses (Gallegan-Castilian and vice-versa). Includes a 2-page bibliography; no index. [JKL]

Vázquez Saco, Francisco. Refraneiro galego e outros materiais de tradición oral. S. Compostela: Xunta de Galicia, 2003. 1067 p. (Biblioteca Fraseolóxica do Centro Ramón Pioñeiro. Cadernos de Fraseoloxía Galega; 5.) ISBN: 8445336517: €11.17

A classed collection of Gallegan proverbs compiled from the manuscripts of a paremiologist who died in 1962. After an extensive introduction on the author, his methods, and archives, entries indicate source, informant, location, and sourced variants. Would have benefited from a single compendious bibliography and a list of abbreviations used. [JKL]


Bibliografia delle edizioni nazionali. Ed. Silvia Chessa & Paoletti, Kathyrn. Fiesole (Firenze): Casalini libri, 2003 474 p. (Bibliografie, 5) ISBN: 8885297684: €37

An ambitious bibliography of “national editions” of Italian authors. Includes indices of authors and editors, and a list of publishers. [JKL]

Biancardi, Giovanni; & Francese, Cristina. Prime edizioni di scrittori italiani: repertorio pratico per bibliofili e librai. Milano: Luni, 2004. 470 p. ISBN: 8874350457: €60

A short-title listing of first editions of Italian authors from Dante to d’Annunzio. Arranged by author, then chronologically by imprint. No index. [JKL]

Diluincis, Marianna. Romanzi racconti poesie drammi nelle edizioni del Corriere della sera 1876-1918. Pontassieve (Firenze): Pirani bibliografica, 2003. 2 v. (Archivi della memoria, 1) €60

A chronological listing (in vol. 1) of literary works appearing in Corriere della sera and related titles over 43 years. The index in vol. 2 also offers thumbnail biographies of the authors. The series promises to extend the chronological coverage of this bibliographical enterprise. [JKL]

Enciclopedia degli autori italiani. Torino: ALI Penna d’autore, 2. ed. 2004. 311 p.: ill. No ISBN: €65

“First ed. 2003, now enlarged. Contains appendix” [Casalini blurb]. Bio-bibliographies of largely unknown Italian authors. The appendix contains very selective directories of publishers, literary prizes, and reviews. The “index of authors” repeats the order of the entries, but without page references. [JKL].

Pastena, Carlo. Prontuario di bibliografia. Palermo: Regione siciliana, Assessorato dei beni culturali ed ambientali e della P. I., Dipartimento dei beni culturali ed ambientali e della E. P., Biblioteca centrale della Regione siciliana, 2003. 174 p. No ISBN: €8

A very selective, classed, annotated bibliography of reference works excluding language dictionaries. Includes a few internet resources; ignores Balay, citing (no. 28) Sheehy, 1986 edition! Includes an index of names and titles. [JKL]

Il filo di Arianna: materiali per un repertorio della bibliografia femminile salentina (secc. XVIII-XX). Ed. Rosanna Basso & Marisa Forcina. Lecce: Milella, 2003. 176 p. (Quaderni dell’Archivio della scrittura femminile salentina, 1) ISBN: 8870483916: €16

An author bibliography of books and articles about women in Salento, accompanied by 4 essays on women writers from or in Salento. No index. [JKL]

Boggione, Valter, & Casalegno, Giovanni. Dizionario del lessico erotico. Torino: UTET libreria, 2004. xxxvii, 794 p. ISBN: 8877509074: €19

“Revised ed. of the new 2000 [UTET] ed., based on Dizionario storico del lessico erotico italiano, publ. by Longanesi in 1996” [Casalini blurb]. The previous editions were noted in our Spring 2001 and 1997 issues. [JKL]

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