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Column Editor: Richard Hacken

Vol. 18, no. 2

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Submissions to this column are most welcome.

It should be reported that the official WESS party on the occasion of the Philadelphia ALA convention ("Swarthmorum Bashola WESSiensis Pennsylvaniae") was a true delight, thanks to the generous hospitality of Stephen Lehmann of Penn. Okay, so the wind chill factor read something like 20 below. All the more reason those present appreciated the warmth of the welcome. Special interest groups evolved, including but not limited to: those inspecting Stephen's CD collection, those watching for the next tray of tasty morsels circulated by Stephen's personable son and daughter, those admiring Sarah How's charming child, those caucusing on the uninsulated patio, those singing folksongs and IWW anthems with Norman Ross and Bill Monroe, and those pointedly avoiding folksongs, IWW anthems, and uninsulated patios.
Gail Hueting, like many of us, is busy "in extremis." As Interim Chair of the Cataloging Policy Advisory Committee for both the Urbana and the Champaign campuses of the University of Illinois, her fondest wish involves the appearance of some Principal Cataloger other than herself by next fall. She is also a delegate to the Committee for Institutional Cooperation ("I get a C.I.C. out of you..."), where she, along with representatives from the other Big Ten universities plus the Universities of Chicago and Illinois-Chicago, is helping to develop a Virtual Electronic Library. Among those at her virtual side during this are other WESS members, Ed Shreeves of the University of Iowa and Nancy Boerner of Indiana University. Gail is overjoyed "in dulci jubilo" that she has been replaced as Acting Classics Librarian by one Bruce Swann, who has now joined our WESS ranks.
On a related note, be sure to reserve part of your reference budget for the title Classical Studies: A Guide to the Reference Literature. Fred Jenkins of the University of Dayton has authored this contribution to Libraries Unlimited's Reference Sources in the Humanities series. It is due to appear this summer. Fred is too modest to admit it, but some are already making reference to his "classic Classical reference" (excuse the chiasmus).
Tim Shipe -- of the aforementioned Iowa City educational emporium, the University of Iowa -- has been elected to the post of Vice Chair/Chair-Elect of the English and American Literature Section of ACRL. This move might properly be regarded by the rest of us hard-core WESSies as more a sign of interdisciplinary outreach than as one of abject treason.
Heidi Hutchinson has co-authored with Prof. Henry Snyder (Director of the Center for Bibliographical Studies and Research at UC Riverside) the following title: Cataloging of the Hand Press: A Comparative and Analytical Study of Cataloging Rules and Formats Employed in Europe. It appears as volume 1 in K. G. Saur's new IFLA/ SAUR Professional Library Series. Originally conceived as a report to a working group whose charge was to "plan a European programme for co-operation between major European libraries with scholarly and national collections for the inter-availability of automated databases...," the first draft was presented to the working group in Madrid in October 1991. The approved version was then distributed at the second "Munich Conference on Retrospective Cataloging and Conversion in Europe 1500-1900" in January 1992. The International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) later asked Snyder and Hutchinson to expand the text for publication.
Louis Reith, Rare Book Cataloger at the Lavinger Library Special Collections at Georgetown, has served for the past two years as President of the Association for the Bibliography of History (ABH). Founded in the late 1970's by Eric Boehm and others vitally interested in the promotion of historical bibliography, the Association has survived as a marketplace for ideas on how to improve historians' use of bibliography in their research. In addition, Louis serves as regular organist for a small Lutheran congregation in Takoma Park, Md. In his copious free time, he writes program notes for chamber music concerts in sundry foreign embassies. He has also, for the past nine years, sung first bass with the Oratorio Society of Washington. With the last over- (or is it under-?)tones of Carl Orff's "Carmina Burana" still reverberating past Capitol Hill, he is preparing to help present Benjamin Britten's "War Requiem" on Good Friday evening as a part of the national commemoration of the end of World War II.

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