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New Publications of Note

Column Editor: Leena Siegelbaum

WESS Newsletter
Fall 1995
Vol. 19, no. 1


RdH = Richard D. Hacken (UPB)

GPH = Gail P. Hueting (IU)

JKL = Jeffry K Larson (CtY)

MPO = Michael P. Olson (MH)

LMS = Leena Siegelbaum (MiEM)

RS = Reinhart Sonnenburg (CU-S) JHS = James H. Spohrer (CU)

Anthologie de la poésie de langue française du XIIe au XXe siècle. Ed. Michel Cazenave. Paris: Hachette, 1994. 1574 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 2012351123. 290 FF.

A major new anthology of the full course of French poetry up to Bonnefoy, with 450 pages devoted to the Middle Ages. The Old French texts are graced with prose translations into modern French; the Middle French texts comport glosses of words and phrases. Includes a glossary of genres and forms, indices of authors and anonymous and collective works, plus a 14-page classed bibliography. [JKL]

Anuario de estudios literarios galegos. 1992-. [Vigo: Galaxia], c1993-. 24 cm. LCCN: 94655575//r95. ptas.

Published by the Conselleria de Educación e Ordenación Universit-aria of the Xunta de Galicia, this annual in Gallegan offers studies, reports and book reviews on Galician literature. The volume for 1993 (ISBN 8471549018) concludes with a 26-page classed bibliography of books and articles, including reference works, anthologies, creative works, re-editions, translations, theses, and periodicals. [JKL]

Bauer, Raoul. De lage landen: Een geschiedenis in de spiegel van Europa. Tielt: Lannoo, 1994. 294p. ISBN 9020922637. ca $50.

A history of the Low Countries in the last 2000 years. With illustrations and a general bibliography. [MPO]

Beccaria, Roberto. Periodici Genovesi dal 1473 al 1899. Genova: Associazione italiana biblioteche, Sezione ligure, 1994. 707 p.; 24 cm. (Biblioteche e fondi librari in Liguria/Sezione Liguria AIB; 7) L70,000.

A repertory of Genoese periodicals. Almost 1400 entries offer bibliographic descriptions, list editors and contributors, contents re-published monographically, bibliographic sources, and holding locations. Includes a 21-page bibliography and the following indices: chronological, subjects, Ligurian place names, printers, and personal names. [JKL]

Bernardi, Rut [et al.]. Handwörterbuch des Rätoromanischen: Wortschatz aller Schrift-sprachen, einschliesslich Rumantsch Grischun, mit Angaben zur Verbreitung und Herkunft. Zurich: Offizin [for Società Retorumantscha & Verein für Bündner Kultur-forschung], 1994. 3 v.; 1567 p. ISBN (invalid): 3907495588. 230 DM.

An authoritative Raeto-Romance/German dictionary in which the almost 10,000 entries offer parts of speech, usage, meaning, dialectal variants, phrases, commentary, and etymology. Vol. 3 includes a German/Raeto-Romance index to the articles; Schweizerdeutsch, Tiroler-deutsch, Italian and French indices to the etymologies; indices to the Latin elements; and finally, reverse indices to terms in Surselvan, Unternengandine, and the koine, Romantsch Grischun, in case you wish to write couplets in those dialects. Forematter in German. [JKL]

Biblos; enciclopedia Verbo das literaturas de lingua portuguesa; 1: [A-C]. [Lisboa/São Paulo]: Editorial Verbo, 1995. 1422 col.; 26 cm. $75.00.

Sponsored by the Sociedade científica da Universidade Católica Portuguesa, vol. 1 promises impressive coverage of Lusophone literatures. Substantial (mostly) signed articles cover major and minor figures, major works, institutions, and abstract terms and movements. Many articles end with brief primary and secondary bibliographies. [JKL]

Blinn, Hansjürgen. Informations-handbuch deutsche Literaturwis-senschaft. 3rd enl. ed. Frankfurt a/M: Fischer Verlag, 1994.

New edition of a handy reference book for Germanists. [RS]

Cerezo Rubio, Ubaldo, & González Cañal, Rafael. Catálogo de comedias sueltas del Museo Nacional del Teatro de Almagro. Madrid: Centro de Documentación Teatral, Instituto Nacional de las Artes Escénicas y la Música, Ministerio de Cultura, 1994. 319 p.; 24 cm. (Colección Corral de comedias. Estudios; 4) ISBN 8488255667; LCCN: 95141616. 1500 ptas.

Full cataloging of almost 400 titles, with bibliographic references. 9 indices. [JKL]

Cursos de lengua y cultura para extranjeros en Espana, 1994-95: universidades, centros publicos, centros privados (calendario-directorio). Madrid: Ministerio Educación y Ciencia, 1994. 258 p.; 20 cm. ISBN 8436925068. $6.25.

A directory of programs for foreign students in Spain. [JKL]

Deutsche Zeitschriften des 18. und 19. Jahrhunderts: Michrofiche-Volltext edition. Hildesheim: Georg Olms, 1995-. 44,800 DM.

The first installment of this monumental microfiche collection of the 18th and 19th century German periodicals will eventually include more than 3 million pages from the complete runs of over 400 journals. It will also provide indexing to the contents of the journals through a CD-ROM to be issued when filming is complete. The journals span dozens of fields, chiefly in the humanities and social sciences but also including many devoted to contemporary events. An excellent solution to both access and preservation dilemmas, and a good candidate for cooperative collecting initiatives. [JHS]

Deyermond, A. D. La literatura perdida de la Edad Media castellana: catálogo y estudio: [v.] 1. Epica y romances. Salamanca: Ediciones Universidad de Sala-manca, 1995. 594 p.; 22 cm. (Obras de referencia; 7) ISBN 8474817978 (obra completa). ISBN 8474817943 (t. 1); LCCN: 95141857. 2500 ptas.

"En el presente tomo y en los siguentes ofrezco un catálogo de las obras literarias castellanas de la Edad Media hoy perdidas, acom-pañado de una serie de estudios" (Prefacio). The first volume offers signed entries by Deyermond and 9 collaborators on lost epics and romances. Includes a 24-page bibliography and 7 indices. Projected volumes will cover II: lyrical and dramatic works, III: narrative works, IV: religious, didactic and technical works. Perhaps a Latin Americanist can do as much for Borges. [JKL]

Diccionari de la llengua catalana. [3. ed. ampliada i actualizada] Barcelona: Enciclopèdia Catalana, c1993. 2080 p.; 24 cm. (Diccionaris Enciclopèdia Catalana) ISBN 8477396159. 4900 ptas.

An updated edition-augmented by more than 400 pages-of Walford5 3/#5753, based on the Gran Enciclopèdia Catalana (Walford5 3/#1488). Contains no references to actual usage. [JKL]

Diccionariu basicu de la llingua asturiana. 3rd ed. By Félix Ferreiro, Pablo Manzano & Urbano Rodrí-guez. Ovideo: Trea, 1995. 555 p.: ill.; 22 cm. ISBN 8487733832. 1250 ptas.

Brush up your bable with this introductory monolingual lexicon. Most entries, often with synonyms, have simple illustrations and offer variants and sample sentences. [JKL]

Dicionário cronológico de autores portugueses: Vol. III. Ed. Eugénio Lisboa./ organizado pelo Instituto Português do Livro; Mem Martins, Portugal: Publicações Europa-América, c1994. 569 p.; 18 cm. ISBN 9721031852 (v. 3);LCCN: 86205625. $20.00.

The penultimate or ante-penultimate volume in a work originally annotated in our Fall 1992 issue. Chronologically arranged unsigned bio-bibliographies of varying lengths by 40 contributors cover authors born between 1867 and 1899. An appendix covers 22 authors born in the 19th century but whose birthyear is unknown. Includes indices of names and of pseudonyms and variant names or titles. [JKL]

Dictionnaire des lettres françaises: Le Moyen Age. Eds. Geor-ges Grente, Robert Bossuat, et al. Édition entièrement revue et mise à jour sous la dir. de Geneviève Hasenohr et Michel Zink. Paris: Fayard, 1994. lxi, 1506 p.; 25 cm. (Dictionnaire des lettres françaises; [1]) ISBN 221359340X. 390FF.

Hard cover edition of the Pocothèque version annotated in our Spring 1993 issue. [JKL]

Dictionnaire universel des littératures. Ed. Béatrice Didier. Paris: Presses universitaires de France, 1994. 3 v. (cxxviii, 4393 p.): ill.; 25 cm. ISBN 2130430139 (set); LCCN: 94224581. 2950FF.

The latest Gallic entry into the field of encyclopedias of world literature, supplanting in the publisher's catalog Van Tieghem's 1968 Dictionnaire des littératures (Walford5 3/#6347). Covering authors, genres, linguistic terms, themes, and movements, the alphabetical entries, each signed by one of a thousand (mainly French) contributors and accompanied by a bibliography and cross-references, are preceded by a 100-page presentation of 41 geo-linguistic sectors. Contains 7 different indices. [JKL]

Duran, Eulàlia, and Solervicens, Josep. Orientacions bibliogràfiques sobre literatura catalana moderna (1474-1833). Barcelona: Departament de Filologia Catalana/Seccioó Literatura, Universitat de Barcelona, 1994. 107 p. (Escolis; 1) ISBN 8447504972. 760 ptas.

A classed unannotated bibliography of texts and studies in and on literature written in Catalan. Apparently limited to Catalan publications. No index. [JKL]

Estudiar a Catalunya 1995. Barcelona: Generalitat de Catalunya, Departament d'Ensenyament, 1995. 201 p.; 26 cm. ISBN 8439333145. $21/59.

A guide to and directory of secondary and higher education in Catalonia.</i> Includes a 10-page bibliography. [JKL]

<i>Europe's Environment: the Dobrvísv Assessment. Ed. by David Stanners and Philippe Bourdeau. Copenhagen: European Environment Agency, 1995. 676 p.: ill. ISBN 9282654095. No price. Available from UNIPUB, Lanham, MD.

The full version of the environmental assessment initiated by the first European environment ministers' conference in Dobrvísv Castle, Prague, 1991. The work assesses environmental mediums (air, water, soil) and functional units-landscapes, nature and wildlife, urban areas, and human health. Lists pressures, problems and impact of human activities on the environment. Full of up-to-date information, easy to use. Subject and geographical indices. [LMS]

Fonti documentarie in scrittura latina: repertorio (sec. VII a.C.-VII d.C.). Ed. Guglielmo Bartoletti & Ilaria Pescini. Firenze: L.S.Olschki, 1994. 295 p.; 24 cm. (Biblioteca di scrittura e civiltà; 5) ISBN: 8822242769. L56,000.

"In questo repertorio trovano posto, in ordine cronologico, tutte le testimonianze di uso non librario o d'apparato della scrittura latina, fino a tutto il VII secolo. …trovano posto in questa serie tutte le notizie di testimonianze grafiche che ci provengono da edizioni, studi e repertori specializzati" (Introduzione). The inscriptions are arranged in categories according to their material base: papyrological (including only non-literary texts), wax or wood tablets, metal, and clay. Entries include bibliographic references. Each chapter includes indices of discovery site, holding location, contents, and technique of execution, as well as a bibliography of sources cited, and a concordance from the latter to the paleographic texts. [JKL]

Die grossen Deutschen unserer Epoche. Hrsg. Lothar Gall. Berlin: Propyläen Verlag, 1995. ISBN 3549054475. 128 DM.

This is a supplement to the 1985 edition by the same name, and includes information on "great Germans" who have died in the interim, as well as a brief afterword by the editor. As with the original edition founded by Willy Andreas and Wilhelm von Scholz in 1935/36 and continued by Hermann Heimpel, Theodor Heuss and Benno Reifenberg in 1956/57, it contains thoughtful and well-researched essays on the persons included. There are few surprises among the entries, and most of the names will be instantly familiar to anyone with a modest acquaintance with modern Germany. [JHS]

Ich will meine Trauer nicht leugnen und nicht meine Hoffnung: Veränderungen kultureller Selbst-wahrnehmungen von ostdeutschen und osteuropäischen Frauen nach 1989. Bochum: Winkler, 1994.

This book contains reflections by sixteen women from Bulgaria, Latvia, and Eastern Germany about the changes in their lives since the fall of Communism. They are grouped into three sections: 1) changes in the esthetic perceptions of women artists and writers; 2) changes in the mass media; and 3) changes in the socialization process for girls and women. [GPH]

Grund, Uwe, and Armin Heinen. Wie benutze ich eine Bibliothek?: Basiswissen-Strategien-Hilfsmittel. Munich: Wilhelm Fink Verlag, 1995. 270 p. ISBN 3770530438. 26.80DM.

A start-up guide to library research. Contains interesting search strategies, especially with respect to electronic databases at major German libraries and the Library of Congress. [MPO]

Internationales Biographisches Informationssystem. (Auf dem Weg zum biographischen Weltarchiv) CD-ROM index. Munich, New York, etc.: K.G. Saur, n.d.

On the more comprehensive level, Saur has published the microfiche editions of biography by language and area divisions such as the British, Scandinavian, German, Italian and other biographical "archives", in full-text cumulations. Now, on the fly-leaf of the print work mentioned above, the term "Biographisches Weltarchiv" is bandied about. The next step towards this Utopian consummation devoutly to be wished is a biographical cumulative index on CD-ROM that gives short excerpts about individual and sources while pointing to the full-text source biographies themselves. The first editions came out in the course of 1994. Look for this LP and for other platters to follow. [RdH]

Keenoy, Ray, & Conte, Fiorenza [et al.]. The Babel guide to Italian fiction (in English translation). London: Boulevard, 1995. 183 p.; ISBN 1899460004 (pbk); LCCN: GB9548262. £7.95.

Signed capsule reviews of over a hundred works of Italian fiction translated since 1945. A Database section includes publishing (including OP) information for "all the contemporary (written after 1900) fiction we could trace." Includes indices of authors and English titles. The Database "is [also] available to bona fide Researchers and Libraries on … diskettes …, £50." Promised are regular Database updates, as well as titles on French and Portuguese fiction. Unfortunately, the book is a flimsy paperback. [JKL]

Deutsche biographische Enzyklopädie (DBE). Walther Killy, hrsg. Munich: K.G. Saur, 1995- . Bd. 1 (Aachen-Boguslawski); eventually to have 10 vols. 398 DM per vol.

Yet another biographical encyclopedia hits the marketplace. Those who admire the work of Walther Killy, e.g. Literatur-Lexikon in 15 vols. (1988-1993), and can afford the circa 4,000DM may be interested in this highly selective cumulation of biographies. The source lexica run the gamut from ADB (Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie) to ZSK (Zeitgenössische schlesische Komponisten), while a minority of entries have been custom-written for the occasion. The 60,000 men and women come from all walks of life ranging from greats and near-greats to those who have been deemed notable for their time. Only for the more luminous of the luminaries, e.g.: Adenauer, Bach, Beethoven, is there a short bibliography. [RdH]

DiFranco, Ralph A. Tabla de los principios de la poesía española, siglos XVI-XVII. Cleveland: Cleveland State University, 1993. xvii, 333 p. (Colección Cancioneros castell-anos; 5) ISBN 0961305584. $52.00.

A first-line index of Golden Age poetry from 118 printed and manuscript anthologies. [JKL]

Labrie, Normand. La construction linguistique de la communauté Européenne. Paris: Honoré Champion, 1993 450 p.; 23 cm. (Politique linguistique; 1) ISBN 2852032988.

A history and survey of European Community language policy. Includes a 30-page bibliography, 57 pages of official documents, and indices of topics and names. [JKL]

Lessico di frequenza dell'italiano parlato. By Tullio De Mauro ... [et al.] [Milano]: Etaslibri, c1993. 342 p.; 24 cm. +2 diskettes (3.5") "Ricerca a cura dell'Osservatorio linguistico e culturale italiano OLCI dell'Università di Roma "La Sapienza"; elaborazione e lemmatizzazione automatica dei testi, Federico Mancini." ISBN 8845305740. L87,000.

A description of the lexicographical project and its results. The larger part of the volume consists of lists of lemmas and words. Includes an 8-page bibliography and a "Guida all'uso dei dischetti," which require an IBM clone with 900 KB, a 1.44 MB disk drive, and MS-DOS 3.30 or OS/2. Needless to say, no printed index. [JKL]

The Low Countries: Arts and Society in Flanders and the Netherlands. Vol. 3 (1995-96). Rekkum: Stichting Ons Erdfeel, 1995. 320 p. $76.

This third yearbook of general culture from the Low Countries is as compelling as the first two. Chapters (all in English) treat children's books, politics in the last twenty-five years, contemporary music, etc. [MPO]

Muriel, André. Safêlivre: guide des salons et fêtes du livre. Vitry: Calcre, 1993. 208 p.; 30 cm. ISBN 290601804X. 180 FF.

An evaluative directory of 183 French and 7 foreign book fairs. Indices by département, genre and month. From the same publisher as AUDACE and ARLIT, annotated here in previous issues. [JKL]

Nederlands in culturele context. Ed. Th.A.J.M. Janssen, P.G.M. de Kleijn, and A.M. Musschoot. Woubrugge: Internationale Veren-iging voor Neerlandistiek, 1995. 402 p. ISBN 9072870034. Ca. $29.

Conference proceedings (held at Antwerp in 1994) on various aspects of modern culture from the Low Countries. [MPO]

Nickel, Walter. Taschenbuch der deutschen Gewerkschaften: Aufgaben-Organisation-Praxis. Cologne: Bund-Verlag, 1995. 407 p. ISBN 3766326198. 49.90 DM

An overview of German trade unions, including a chronological history and a description of individual unions. [MPO]

Notas: reseñas iberoamericanas, literatura, sociedad, historia. Frankfurt: Vervuert Verlags-gesellschaft, 1993- [3 times a year]. v. 0-: ill.; ISSN 0945-8301; LCCN: sn9436150. $50/year.

A scholarly review journal that covers imprints from all areas. Survey articles (e. g., in No. 4 [1995], on "la historia, etnohistoria y cultura de la región andina" and "el naturalismo español") are followed by signed reviews (averaging about a page and a half, almost all in Spanish) arranged in the following rubrics: Spanish literary history and criticism, Latin American literary history and criticism, Spanish history and social sciences, and Latin American history and so-cial sciences. Includes an index of titles reviewed. [JKL]

Labrador Herraiz, José J, and Puppo, Mario, & Baroni, Giorgio. Manuale critico-bibliografico per lo studio della letteratura italiana. 4. ed. Torino: SEI, 1994. x, 594 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 8805023027; LCCN: 95134324. L45,000.

Expanded updated edition of Sheehy BD1054 (Walford5 3/8132). [JKL]

Ramón Alameda, José, & Cuetos, Fernando. Diccionario de frecuen-cias de las unidades lingüisticas del castellano. Oviedo: Universidad de Oviedo, [1995]. 2 v. ISBN 8474688442 (Obra completa); LCCN: 95189264. 7330 ptas.

Frequency lists of letters, letter combinations, syllables, and words in contemporary Castilian (peninsular and Latin American), based on 164 novels, 52 non-fiction prose works and selected journalistic texts. Contains an 8-page conclusion (Spanish and other languages reveal "increibles coincidencias"), a brief methodological bibliography, and for obvious reasons, no separate index. [JKL]

Ratier, Emmanuel, and Coston, Henry. Encyclopédie des pseudonymes. Paris: Faits & documents, c1993-94. 2 v.; 20 cm. ISBN 2909769100 (t. 1), 2909769011 (t. 2). 370 FF.

A dictionary of mostly French pseudonyms. Vol. 2, containing 12,500 names, is a revised fusion of Coston's Dictionnaire des pseudonymes published in 4 vols. (1961, 1969, 1980, 1985); vol. I, including 6000 new names, is Ratier's supplement to vol. 2. Each entry shows the pseudonym, the real name, and the profession; no sources or dates are given. Each vol. includes an index of real names. [JKL]

Ravaro, Fernando. Dizionario romanesco: da "abbacchia" a "zurugnone" i vocaboli noti e meno noti del linguaggio popolare di Roma. Roma: Newton Compton, 1994. 684 p.; 25 cm. (Quest'Italia; 212) ISBN: 8879837095. L48,000.

Lexicon of popular Roman usage. About 11,000 entries give definitions in standard Italian, more than 18,000 illustrative quotations from selected authors from all periods, and sometimes brief etymologies; about 7000 phrases are also treated. The forematter offers a description of Romanesco grammar. [JKL]

Rey García, Emilio. Bibliografía de folklore musical español. Madrid: Sociedad Española de Musicología, 1994. 282 p.; 24 cm. (Publicaciones de la Sociedad Española de Musicología. Sección B; 6) ISBN 8486878667; LCCN: 95131349/MN. 3120 ptas.

Annotated bibliography arranged by author of over 1500 books and articles on Spanish folk music. Includes 4 indices and statistical tables. [JKL]

Rodríguez Sánchez, Tomás. Catálogo de dramaturgos españoles del siglo XIX. Madrid: Fundación Universitaria Española, 1994. 685 p.; 24 cm. (Monografias; 61) ISBN 8473923545. 4120 ptas.

Bio-bibliographies of hundreds, perhaps over a thousand Spanish playwrights, generally excluding those from Spanish America. Each entry has bibliographic references. Includes an 18-page bibliography and an index of names. [JKL]

Santana, Francisco (Francisco Gingeira), and Sucena, Eduardo, eds. Dicionário da história de Lisboa. Lisboa: C. Quintas, 1994. viii, 991 p.: ill.; ISBN 9729603006; LCCN: 95106007. 990 Esc.

Substantial articles by over 175 scholars on various aspects of Lisbon's history. Articles conclude with selective bibliographies. See references, but no see-also references; thematic index and list of authors. [JKL]

Siepmann, Helmut. Portugiesische Literatur des 19. und 20. Jahrhunderts. 2., unbearb. Aufl. Darmstadt: Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, c1995. vi, 237 p.; 22 cm. ISBN 3534087941. DM 49.80.

Survey of the last two centuries of Lusitanian literature. Includes a 24-page "Kommentierte Bibliographie," and indices of persons and titles. Bears same ISBN as 1987 1st edition (LCCN 88131401). [JKL]

Tanz und Tod in Kunst und Literatur. Franz Link, ed. (Schriften zur Literaturwissenschaft, Bd. 8) Berlin: Duncker & Humbolt, 1993.

The essays in this collection treat dance and death and the specific theme of the Dance and Death in western art and literature from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century. The subjects and illustrations are well chosen. [GPH]

Teatro: guida ai teatri e alla stagione '94-'95. Torino: hopeful-monster, 1994-. 222 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 8877570458. L16,000.

A semi-annual directory of Italian theaters (arranged by locality) and productions. No index. [JKL]

Treszl, Anton. Wer ist Wer? Erstes ungarndeutsches Biographielexkon. Bous: A. Treszl, 1993. 42 DM.

The foreword to this interesting privately printed compilation tells a lot about its point of departure: "Angesichts der-seit etwa 150 Jahren anhaltenden-geistigen Enteignung, Assimilierung und Spaltung der Ungarndeutschen is ein solches Werk heute notwendiger als je zuvor." In addition to its sometimes substantial biographies of notable Hungarians of German ethnicity, it includes several other useful features: a table of German and Hungarian place names for around two hundred Hungarian localities, maps of the country and of Budapest showing areas of German population concentration, and a name/place index to the contents of the volume. Useful and unusual. [JHS]

Verhoef, Matty. European Festivals. Geneva: European Festivals Association, 1996. 269 p. ISBN 2970008106. $50.

While this work gives brief histories of all the 61 member events as well as information about EFA's organization and activities, a reader will not find calendars of events, "useful addresses" or festival programs here. [LMS]

Viguerie, Jean de. Histoire et dictionnaire du temps des Lumières [1715-1789]. Paris: R. Laffont, c1995. 1730 p.; 20 cm. (Bouquins) ISBN 2221048105; LCCN: 95164612. 189FF.

An historical narrative covering events in and outside of France. The 765-page dictionary includes mainly personages and institutions, and is followed by a 90-page chronology. Includes a 160-page bibliography. [JKL]

Volker, Dahm. Das jüdische Buch im Dritten Reich. 2nd. ed. (Eine Veröffentlichung des Leo Baeck Instituts New York). Munich: Beck, 1993.

A revised edition of a work published in two parts in 1979-81 in Archiv für Geschichte des Buchwesens, this work treats the fate of Jewish publishers in Germany in the 1930s. Part 1 is a general description of the political and administrative process by which Jewish writers, publishers, and booksellers were excluded between 1933 and 1938; Part 2 details the history of Schocken Verlag (Berlin), the most prominent of the publishing houses that identified themselves as specifically Jewish. [GPH]

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