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Vol. 18, No. 1 (Fall, 1994)
New Haven, Connecticut
Page 3


Column Editor: Gail Hueting

Contributions welcome ([editors.html address] on page 2)

Links are those that were in effect at the time of print publication.

WESS-Related Lists

ECOLL, an electronic discussion group that is directly related to the subject of this column has recently been established. The following notice comes from Eva Sartori (NbU):

In order to provide a forum for discussing electronic products and related collection development issues, ECOLL, an unmoderated listserv, has been recently created at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. To subscribe, send a message to listserv@unllib.unl.edu, and in the message area of your screen, type in "subscribe ecoll firstname lastname." This list was started by WESS members and has been publicized to the WESS membership. Because of the interest of the members, I anticipate that the discussion will deal mainly, though not exclusively, with products and services related to Western Europe. Since the announcement of the creation of the listserv on RomList and German-E, hundreds have subscribed but there have been very few postings. Have WESSies suddenly become shy? (Eva Sartori's e- mail address is evas@unllib.unl.edu.)

This is a good opportunity to remind readers that there are several other Internet discussion lists operated by members of WESS (though not necessarily under its aegis). Most are subject- or area-based and in some cases grew out of the work of WESS Discussion Groups.

German-E, operated by Jim Campbell (ViU; to be included send an e-mail message to campbell@virginia.edu) covers the German-speaking areas (and occasionally a little Dutch).

RomList and WESSList are both operated by Jeffry Larson (CtY; to be included e-mail jeffry_larson@quickmail.yale.edu); the former covers the Romance-speaking countries, while WESSList focuses on WESS events and business, including the schedule of WESS meetings at Midwinter and Annual meetings, with locations.

DISC-NORDLIB serves librarians and others with interest in collections and services related to Nordic area studies. This unmoderated list grew out of discussions among librarians in the Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study and in the Scandinavian Discussion Group of WESS. To subscribe, send an e-mail message (be sure to include your e-mail address) to: disc-nordlib-request@mail.unet.umn.edu. Charles Spetland (MnU; e-mail: c- spet@vm1.spcs.umn.edu) is the listowner.

CMR relays information of interest to members of the Classics, Medieval and Renaissance Discussion Group and is operated by Fred Jenkins (ODaU; send e-mail to jenkins@udavxb.oca.udayton.bitnet).

Classics Lists

The field of classics has embraced electronic resources and the Internet with a passion. Some of the most active discussion lists are in that field, and there are also important FTP sites and electronic journals available. James S. Ruebel, of the Classical Studies Program at Iowa State University (jsruebel@iastate.edu) has compiled the following concise guide to electronic resources for classical studies. These excerpts are reproduced with his permission:

Resources and Information

The Classics FAQ itself:
ftp rtfm.mit.edu
under pub/usenet/news.answers/classics-faq
The most recent edition is June 6, 1994.

An extensive list of electronic publications and materials in Classics may be found in the June 1994 issue of Electronic Antiquity (see below for access information). Includes lengthy instructions for access, retrieval, or subscribing, as pertinent.

[GOPHER://rome.classics.lsa.umich.edu Gopher Gateway]:
gopher to rome.classics.lsa.umich.edu
or "burrow" to Michigan / Classical and Mediterranean Archaeology
Contains references, information, texts, teaching materials for both Greek and Latin, and acts as a gateway to other gophers with classical material. Questions may be directed to Sebastian Heath (sfsh@umich.edu).


[Information on the Georgetown Catalogue Project for Electronic Texts and the Oxford Text Archive has been omitted; on the former, see our Spring 1991 issue. --Ed.]

Latin Texts

[ftp:// ftp.u.washington.edu ftp ftp.u.washington.edu]
under pub/user-supported/libellus/texts
Under /libellus/commentaries, there are plans for annotations (some are now available).

ftp wiretap.spies.com
Mirrors the Latin texts of Vergil from the U. of Washington (above) under /Library/Classic/Vergil. This site has a large number of e-texts in English: retrieve or read the file FEATURES in the /About directory. Also accessible via gopher.


American Journal of Philology
Arethusa (and all other Johns Hopkins journals):
Indexes and lists of forthcoming articles.
ftp jhunix.hcf.jhu.edu under pub/JHU_Press/zjournals

Bryn Mawr Classical Review:
gopher.lib.virginia.edu under pub/alpha/bmcr
An updated index is maintained in this directory; individual volumes are kept in directories labeled v1, v2, v3, etc.

Classics Ireland
Journal of the Classical Association of Ireland is now available over the network. To retrieve electronic copies, direct your gopher to: gopher.ucd.ie If you encounter problems, e-mail: aerskine@macollamh.ucd.ie.

Electronic Antiquity (a.k.a The Electronic Agora)
Gopher to info.utas.edu.au to:

Publications / Electronic Antiquity.
ftp [ftp:// FTP.utas.edu.au] (or ftp.info.utas.edu.au)
under /departments/classics/antiquity
Do not use Telnet. Please try to access either during the night, very early morning or on weekends Tasmanian time. Queries

p. 4

and contributions may be directed to the editors at: antiquity-editor@classics.utas.edu.au.

Didaskalia: Ancient Theater Today (ISSN 1321-4853)
An electronic journal about modern performances throughout the world of Greek and Roman drama. Access via [gopher:/info.utas.edu.au/ Gopher] or FTP as above for Electronic Antiquity.

Aims to provide critical reviews of publications in the fields of ancient Greek and Roman art, archaeology, history, literature and philosophy as soon as possible after they appear. Subscription to the electronic reviews is free and without restriction. Reviews are archived at the University of Natal, Durban, and the University of Pennsylvania, from which they can be retrieved by Gopher or FTP. In order to receive electronic reviews from Scholia simply send a request to Scholia@owl.und.ac.za. Your e-mail address will be added to the distribution list of Scholia Reviews.

Gopher to [gopher:/owl.und.ac.za/ owl.und.ac.za] to:

Campus Information System/Faculty Information/Classics/Scholia Reviews

OR Gopher to [gopher:// ccat.sas.upenn.edu] and look under menu item 8: (Electronic Publications and Resources). Scholia Reviews appear as item 19.

ftp to [ftp:/owl.und.ac.za/ owl.und.ac.za]. under pub/und/classics/reviews

OR ftp to ccat.sas.upenn.edu under pub/scholia

TAPA (Transactions of the Am. Philological Association):

ftp ccat.sas.upenn.edu under pub/TAPA

The articles in the forthcoming issue of TAPA are retained on line until the hard copy is published.

Journal Index/Tables of Contents


Current tables of contents of over 70 journals of interest to classicists. Indexed files are grouped by philology (CLA), archaeology (ARCH), miscellaneous (MISC) and religious and Near Eastern Studies (RLNE).
ftp epas.utoronto.ca under pub/tocs-in

Retrieve the file inform.toc for description of how to use this resource (see also APA Newsletter, June 1993, p.5).

(This is the end of the excerpts from Ruebel's list of Classics resources.)

Two new discussion groups in Classics were announced recently:

The Enkidu-l list is devoted to methodological issues of studying texts from ancient Mediterranean cultures before 600 CE. To subscribe, send e-mail to: majordomo@lists.stanford.edu with the message: subscribe Enkidu-l. Questions or private concerns may be voiced to the coordinator, Prof. Alice Bach, at asherah@leland.stanford.edu.

The other new list, LT-ANTIQ, became a very busy one in the first week or so of its existence, according to Fred Jenkins. To subscribe send a note to: listserv@univscvm.csd.scarolina.edu with the following message in the body: subscribe LT-ANTIQ your name. "LT-ANTIQ is an unmoderated list that provides a discussion forum for topics relating to Late Antiquity (c. AD 260-640). Cross disciplinary interaction is particularly encouraged." For more information, contact the owner: Ralph W. Mathisen of the Dept. of History, University of South Carolina, 330009@univscvm.csd.scarolina.edu).

In my enthusiasm for all this information (and much more that I didn't have space for), I've almost forgotten to introduce myself as the new editor of this column. My name is Gail Hueting, and I am Assistant Modern Languages Librarian at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. This title includes cataloging, collection development, and reference. For several years, too, I have been the Modern Languages and Linguistics Library's computer and Internet resource person--which usually means that I am one step ahead of my colleagues.

The information for this column came mainly from several e-mail discussion groups, especially the WESS-based lists mentioned above. While the present column mentions a large number of e-mail discussion lists, I certainly intend to focus on other types of electronic information, such as CD-ROMs, OPACs, telnet, ftp, gopher, and World Wide Web resources as well. I also hope to call attention to general issues concerning electronic resources such as bibliographic control and copyright concerns. Contributions to the column are welcome; see the address information on p. 2.

Jim Spohrer (CU) has sent a correction: "In the Spring 1994 article about ADMYTE, I notice Faulhaber's e-mail address given as cbf@athena. E-mail so addressed will be rejected. Correct address is cbf@garnet.berkeley.edu."

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