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The WESS naming convention is to use natural language -- thus you will see that for those links that are internal within the Wiki (those without the logo that indicates an external link) the name of the file is simply things like "Dutch Studies Web" or "Iberian Studies Web." There is a further trick, however, that allows you to use one file name (unique file name) and display something else: thus [[Dutch Studies Web]] takes you to a page that is both displayed and named "Dutch Studies Web." But [[Dutch Studies Web | Dutch Studies]] takes you to a file named "Dutch Studies Web" that displays itself (to save space or whatever other reason) as "Dutch Studies."

The WESS main page is called [[Main Page]] but you could display it as [[Main Page | Whoopdy Doo This is the WessWeb, Innit?]], though I don't know why you would want to. In that case, the file is still known as "Main Page".

And yes, it is very important that each file have a unique name, since all the files reside in a common bucket. Thus, for example, the names of all the committee files from the WESS schedule should reflect that they are those committee pages for "Summer 2012" or some other unique name, or they would conflict next time another WESS schedule is needed.

A good place to go for basic editing tricks is to the Help button on the left frame of the page, and then to the Wikipedia Edit Help in the resultant new right frame...

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