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Topics in European Studies presentations since 2005

2012 Midwinter (Dallas)

"An Image of “Souls in the Bosom of Abraham” in a mid-15th century Netherlandish MSS Book of Hours – is it significant?" (Sharon Clayton).
"Unpacking Eugène Giraudet’s Library: A Work in Progress" (Dominique Bourassa)

2011 Annual (New Orleans)

"The Propaganda Pamphlets of the Deutscher Fichte Bund" (Mara Degnan Rojeski)
"'Cuts are the wrong cure': Promotion and Justification of Libraries in the UK (Kristine Stewart and Jenny Bossaller)

2011 Midwinter (San Diego)

"The Swedish American Bibliography: virtually complete—completely virtual?" (Gordon Anderson)
"Electronic Embargoes: European Studies through a Single Format" (Claude H. Potts)

2010 Annual (Washington)

"Károly Szabó's Union Catalog, 'Old Hungarian Library,' and the Bibliographic Construction of Greater Hungary" (Jim Niessen) Abstract
"Alles zu Nutzen’: Recent Research and Preliminary Findings on the Herzogin Anna Amalia Bibliothek’s Fruchtbringende Gesellschaft Collection" (Thea Lindquist) Abstract

2010 Midwinter (Boston)

“European Privacy Laws” (Tracy Mitrano) Abstract - Slide Show
“European Studies Course Syllabi: Status of Integrating Non-Text Electronic Resources, Including ARTstor, on the Open Web” (Stephanie Krueger) Abstract - Slide Show

2009 Annual (Chicago)

"Kristina of Sweden and 17th Century European Reading" (Mara M J Egherman) Abstract - Revised Paper - Slide Show

2009 Midwinter (Denver)

“Russian Federation Academic Libraries and Infrastructure” (Liladhar Pendse) Abstract - Slide Show
“The Suppressed First Edition of Margaret of Navarre’s Heptameron” (Christopher Walker) Abstract - Slide Show
“Foreign Languages and Academic Librarianship” (Brian Vetruba and Laura Dale Bischof) Abstract

2008 Annual (Anaheim)

"After the Deluge: Long-Term Responses to Library Disasters with Some Lessons for the Future" (Mark Peterson) Abstract - Paper - Slide Show
“Madmen, Hypocrites, and Degenerates: Readers and Their Books in the Late-Eighteenth-Century German Novel” (Kathleen Smith) Abstract

2008 Midwinter (Philadelphia)

“’My Dear Dark Dove’: Leoš Janáček’s Correspondence with Kamila Stösslová as Inspiration for Later Musical Masterpieces” (Louis Reith) Abstract - Revised Paper

2007 Annual (Washington)

"Augustan Rome Online: A Digital Sourcebook of the Emperor and the City,” (Daniel C. Mack) Abstract - Slide Show

2007 Midwinter (Seattle)

“The ‘Castle Library’ Collections Administered by the National Museum Library of Prague—Anatomy of an Ambitious Library Cataloging Project” (Louis Reith) Abstract - Revised paper
“Doing Translation History in EEBO and ECCO” (Kristine Anderson) Abstract - Published version

2006 Annual (New Orleans)

"Women's Names in Subscription Lists of Eighteenth-Century Travel Books" (Laura Fuderer) Abstract
"The Spanish Play Collection at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign" (Paula Mae Carns) Abstract - Revised Version in WESS Newsletter
"Collecting Foreign Language Materials without an Approval Plan" (Michelle Emanuel) Abstract - Bibliography

2006 Midwinter (San Antonio)

"Study Tour or Professional Tourism?: The Effect of the 2002 WESS Study Tour on German Studies Librarians" (Thea Lindquist) Published version (with Laura Dale Bischof)
“Colonies and Missions: The Digital Archive of the Deutsche Kolonialgesellschaft” (Helene Baumann) Abstract

2005 Annual (Chicago)

"Alcohol as Enemy: Graphics of the French Temperance Movement" (Sara Harrington) Abstract
"The Medieval Girdle-Book Documentation Project" (Margit Smith) Abstract
"Research agenda in the History of Childhood" (Agnes Widder) Abstract

2005 Midwinter (Boston)

"German Book Acquisitions in Budapest Research Libraries: Quantitative and Qualitative Indicators" (Jim Niessen) Abstract
“The French University Library and Access to Information in the Humanities” (Heather Moulaison) Abstract

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