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Purposes and Origins

Noting the shortage of academic librarian candidates with foreign language skills, a group of WESS members advocated that WESS take an active role in recruiting individuals with such linguistic abilities. In 2002, a subcommittee of WESS Research and Planning Committee was formed specifically to look at recruitment. On June 28, 2004, during its meeting at ALA Annual in Orlando, WESS Executive established the WESS Recruitment to the Profession Committee as a standing committee. Its purpose is to promote academic librarianship as a career path for individuals with foreign language skills by collaborating with various organizations, making presentations, and otherwise disseminating information.

Current Committee Members

Chair: George I. Paganelis (2008-2010)
E-mail: paganelis@csus.edu

Claudia Alcala-Iniguez (2008-2010)
Eileen M. Bentsen (2008-2010)
Kathryn Mary Brooks (2008-2010)
Virginia Ann Cole (2007-09)
Michelle Emanuel (2008-2010)
Elisabeth Erin Pankl (2008-2010)

Recruitment Resources

Academic Librarianship & Foreign Languages Recruitment Page
Job Shadowing Program
ACRL Funding Opportunities for Recruitment Presentations

Meeting Schedules and Agendas

2008 Annual Agenda
2008 Midwinter Agenda


2008 Annual
2008 Midwinter (Virtual Mtg.)
2007 Annual
2007 Midwinter (Virtual Mtg.)

WESSWeb > WESS Committees > Recruitment to the Profession

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