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Chair: John Cullars
Chair elect/Vice chair: Jeff Garrett
Past Chair: Stephen Lehmann
Member-at-Large: Kati Radics
Secretary: Kathleen Hunter Rutter
Executive Committee:
Chair, John Cullars, Jeff Garrett, Stephen Lehmann, Kathleen Hunter Rutter, Kati Radics, Richard Hacken, Gordon Anderson

Committee Chairs

Conference Planning Committee (Chicago, 2000): Assunta Pisani.
Coutts-Nijhoff Award: Stephen Lehmann, Bas Guyt (ex-officio)
Membership Committee: Gordon Anderson
Nominating Committee: James Campbell
Publications Committee: Richard Hacken
Research and Planning Committee: Jeff Garrett


Liaison to ACRL Board: John Cullars
Newsletter Editor ex officio: Beth Remak-Honnef
WESSWeb Editor ex officio: Reinhart Sonnenburg

WESSWeb > History of WESS > WESS Officers 1999-2000

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