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Spring 2005 (vol. 28, no. 2)


WESS Newsletter Editors


Fun and Challenge with Translations: Bildarchiv der Deutschen Kolonialgesellschaft
2004 Coutts-Nijhoff Study Grant project

Helene Baumann

American Friends of the Anna Amalia Library: an Update

Ronald D. Patkus


Sebastian Hierl

Bok & Bibliotek: Göteborg Book Fair 2004

Sem Sutter


New Publications of Note

Column Editor: Robert L. Kusmer

Europe in Bits & Bytes

Column Editor: Sebastian Hierl

Personal & Institutional News

Column Editor: Richard Hacken

ALA Annual Conference News

Call for Papers: Topics in European Studies

Come One, Come All! WESS Dinner Cruise

WESS Section Business

Notes from the WESS Chair

- On discussion groups
- On meetings

Research & Planning Committee's New Format

Membership Meeting Minutes

Executive Committee Minutes

WESS Newsletter Editor Needed

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