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Editor: Jeffry Larson
  • A Watch on the Rhine: Further Changes for German Publishing and Libraries
    - Gail P. Hueting
  • Translation: The Craft, Politics, and Access
    - Danielle Mihram
  • Research on Scholarly Indexing Service Run by French Underground
    Pamela Spence Richards
  • Cataloging Changes Due to German Unification
    - Gail P. Hueting
  • Nordic Library Seminar Held in Oslo for North American University Librarians
    - Charles Spetland
  • News from MLA
    Elaine A. Franco
  • Columns
    • Europe in Bits & Bytes
      - Column Editor: Julie Still
    • New Publications of Note
      - Column Editor: Charles Spetland
    • Institutional News
      - Column Editor: James Spohrer
  • Section Business
    • Executive Committee Minutes
    • Western European Studies Publication Now Available from ACRL
    • Discussion Groups
    • WESS Candidates Statements
    • WESS Research & Planning Committee
    • WESS Officers

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WESSWeb > WESS Newsletter > Fall 1990

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