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Cataloging Discussion Group

Chair: Marcus Richter
E-mail: richtermj@alma.edu

Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Discussion Group

Chair: Heidi Madden
E-mail: heidi.madden@duke.edu

College and Medium-sized Libraries Discussion Group

Co-Chair: Marcus Richter
E-mail: richtermj@alma.edu
Co-Chair: Katie Gibson
E-mail: gibsonke@miamioh.edu

General Membership Discussion Group

Chair: Anna Shparberg
E-mail: shparberg@rice.edu

Germanists Discussion Group

Chair: Brian Vetruba
E-mail: bvetruba@wustl.edu

Romance Languages Discussion Group

Chair: Heidi Madden and Kristen Totleben (Co-Chair)
E-mail: heidi.madden@duke.edu; ktotleben@library.rochester.edu

Scandinavian Discussion Group

Chair: Julianne E. Haahr
E-mail: jhaahr@library.wisc.edu

Social Sciences and History Discussion Group

Chair: Jonathan Marner
E-mail: j-marner@tamu.edu

Special Topics Discussion Group

Chair: Kristen Totleben
E-mail: ktotleben@library.rochester.edu

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WESSWeb > WESS Discussion Groups > 2014-2015  

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