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Executive Committee

Sarah Sussman, Chair
Jeff Staiger, Vice-chair, chair elect
Tim Shipe, Past Chair
Lidia Uziel, Secretary
Anna Shparberg, Member-at-Large (conducts the General Membership meeting ).

*Executive includes all chairs of committees and ad hoc committees

2015 Conference Planning Committee

Claude Potts (Chair, 2014-2015)
Jeff Staiger, 2014-2015
Deb Raftus, 2014-2015
Kathleen Smith, 2014-2015
Sam Dunlap, 2014-2015
Sarah Sussman (WESS Chair, ex officio)

Fundraising Committee

Kristen Totleben (Chair 2014-2015)
Colin McCaffrey (2014-2015)
David Oberhelman (2013-2015)
Alma Ortega (2013-2015)
Marcus Richter (2014-2015)
Tim Shipe (ex-officio, 2014-2015)

Membership Committee

Katie Gibson (Chair, 2013-2015)
Ivan Calimano (2013-2015)
Virginia Cole (2013-2015)
Molly Poremski (2013-2015)
Blake Robinson (2013-2015)
Ann Snoeyenbos (2013-2015)
Julie Tanaka (2013-2015)
Kristen Totleben (2014-2015)

2015 Nominating Committee

Michelle Emanuel (Chair, 2014-2015)
Colin McCaffrey (2014-2015)
Megan Griffin (Staff liaison, 2014-2015)

Publications Committee

Rebecca R. Malek-Wiley (Chair 2014-2015)
Sharon Clayton (2013-2015)
Mara M. Egherman (2013-2015)
Jonathan Marner (2013-2015)
Rebecca Stuhr (2014-2016)
Jen Bonnet (ex-officio, as WESS Newsletter Editor)
Lidia Uziel (ex-officio, as WESS Secretary, 2014-2015)
Richard Hacken (ex-officio, as WESS Webmaster)

Recruitment to the Profession Committee

Molly Poremski(Chair, 2013-2014)
Josephine Crawford (2013-2015)
Daniel Mandeville (2013-2015)
Daniel M. Pennell (2013-2015)

Research and Planning Committee

David Oberhelman (Chair 2014-2015)
Barbara Alvarez (2013-2015)
Catherine Jane Minter (2013-2014)
Ann Snoeyenbos (2013-2015)
Chellammal Vaidyanathan (2012-2014)
Anna Shparberg (2013-2015)

2014-2015 Discussion Group Conveners

Cataloging: Marcus Richter
Classical, Medieval and Renaissance: Colin McCaffrey and Heidi Madden, , co-conveners
College and Medium-Sized Libraries: Katie Gibson and Marcus Richter, co-conveners
General Membership Discussion Group: Anna Shparberg
Germanists: Brian Vetruba
Romance Languages: Heidi Madden and Kristen Totleben, co-conveners
Scandinavian: Gordon Anderson
Social Sciences and History: Jonathan Marner
Special Topics: Kristen Totleben
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