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Executive Committee

  • Gail P. Hueting, Chair
Heidi Madden, Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect
Brian Vetruba, Past Chair
Michelle Emanuel, Secretary
Ann Snoeynbos, Member-at-Large (conducts the General Membership meeting ).

*Executive includes all chairs of committees and ad hoc committees

2012 Conference Planning Committee

  • Adan Griego, Chair
Gail Hueting
David Lincove
Claude Potts
Sheila Smith
Agnes Widder

WESS Research Award Jury

  • Brian Vetruba, Chair
Megan R. Griffin (ACRL Staff Liaison)

Fundraising Committee

  • Marcus Richter, Chair
Gordon Anderson (2010-12)
Kathleen Hunter Rutter (2010-12)
Bryan Skib (2010-12)
Kristen Totleben (2011-13)
Brian Vetruba (2010-11)
Sarah G. Wenzel (2010-12)
  • Brian Vetruba (WESS Past Chair (2010-11), ex officio)

Membership Committee

  • Robin Canuel (2010-12) co-chair
  • Katie Gibson (2009-10, 2011-2013) co-chair
Colin McCaffrey (2010-12)
Iván Calimano (2011-13)
Blake Robinson (2011-2013)
Adam Burling (ACRL Staff Liaison)

Publications Committee

  • Timothy Shipe, Chair
Ian Beilin (2010-12)
Dawn Childress (2010-12)
Anthony J. Oddo (2010-12)
Gregory Wool (2011-2013)
Jennifer Bonnet (Newsletter Editor--2010-12)
  • Richard Hacken, Webmaster, ex officio
  • Michelle Emanuel, WESS Secretary (2010-11), ex officio)

Recruitment to the Profession Committee

  • Eileen M. Bentsen, Chair
Michelle Emanuel (2010-12)
Joshua M. Lupkin (2010-12)
Amauri Rosali Serrano (2010-12)
Bruce Harwood Tabb (2010-12)

Research and Planning Committee

  • Dr. Heather Lea Moulaison, Chair
Elizabeth Chenault (2011-2013)
Diana Chlebek (2010-12)
Bruce Harwood Tabb (2010-12)
Prof. Graham R. Walden (2010-12)

2011-12 Discussion Group Conveners

Cataloging: Ivan Calimano
Classical, Medieval and Renaissance: Colin McCaffrey
College and Medium-Sized Libraries: Marcus Richter
General Membership Discussion Group: Ann Snoeynbos
Germanists: Lidia Uziel
Romance Languages: Libby Chenault
Scandinavian: Anna Bjartmarsdottir
Social Sciences and History: Chellammal Vaidyanathan
Special Topics

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WESSWeb > WESS Committees > 2011-2012  

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