Vendor Relations Committee Minutes - 2017 Annual

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WESS Vendor Relations Committee Minutes - 2017 Annual Conference
ACRL WESS Vendor Relations Committee
ALA Midwinter Joint Committees Meeting, Atlanta, GA
Saturday, June 24, 2017 10:30-11:30am Palmer House Hilton, Water Tower Parlor

I. Fundraising Review for FY2017 We raised $9200 from ten vendors this year, despite some crossed signals and misunderstandings.

II. Vendor relations with librarians and others (I cannot remember what this was supposed to be—Ann)

III. Internal committee pages. What to include? Be sure to include sample emails for Asks.

IV. Plan for transition to ESS. Ann Snoeyenbos will continue as Chair for 2017-2018. She will talk to exhibitors to see how they feel about their donations supporting the larger group (ESS) going forward. Chair will also talk to vendors about the timing of Asks for next year. MW 2018 is not until February.

V. Open discussion We went through the existing vendor spreadsheet to see who should be taken off, or which contact names need to be updated.

Submitted by Ann Snoeyenbos, Chair (

Committee members: Amauri Cerrano (2016-2017) Agnes Widder (2016-2017) Jeff Staiger (ex officio, 2016-2017) Not attending Annual

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