Team Up: Collaborating with Public Relations Students to Promote Library Subject Specialists

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At ACRL, my colleagues and I presented a poster titled, Team Up: Collaborating with Public Relations Students to Promote Library Subject Specialists. It can be found here.

In fall 2015, library staff at UF were seeking more effective methods for reaching undergraduate students. Previous internal studies had revealed that when students think of the library, they think of study space, technology, materials, and the coffee shop, but rarely of librarians and the services they provide. To address this issue, the journalism and mass communications librarian partnered with a senior-level, Public Relations (PR) Campaigns class to take on the library as a client for the spring 2016 semester. Students were charged with raising awareness of the librarians and the vital role they play as subject specialists, rather than of the physical library space. Under the direction of their professor, students met with librarians to develop a brand platform, list of campaign issues, and a research plan that includes survey and focus group data. Each competing group developed a final campaign strategy that was presented to the library for later implementation.

This poster describes the collaborative process between a public relations campaigns class and library staff to develop workable, engaging PR and marketing strategies to reach the target audience. It showcases results of student data collection as well as highlights from the final campaign plans. Additionally, the poster features concrete examples of outreach and marketing initiatives inspired by the winning student submissions and methodologies for evaluating effectiveness of the implemented PR strategies.

Hélène Huet
University of Florida

Team Up poster

WESSWeb > WESS Newsletter > Spring 2017 > Team Up

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