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"LIBER 2007"1994 Fall - Europe in Bits & Bytes1994 Fall - New Publications of Note
1994 Fall - Personal & Institutional News1995 Fall - Europe in Bits & Bytes1995 Fall - New Publications of Note
1995 Fall - Personal & Institutional News1995 Spring - Europe in Bits & Bytes1995 Spring - New Publications of Note
1995 Spring - Personal & Institutional News1996 Fall - Europe in Bits & Bytes1996 Fall - New Publications of Note
1996 Fall - Personal & Institutional News1996 Spring - Europe in Bits & Bytes1996 Spring - New Publications of Note
1996 Spring - Personal & Institutional News1997 Fall - Europe in Bits & Bytes1997 Fall - New Publications of Note
1997 Fall - Personal & Institutional News1997 Frankfurt Book Fair Report1997 Spring - Europe in Bits & Bytes
1997 Spring - New Publications of Note1997 Spring - Personal & Institutional News1998 Fall - Europe in Bits & Bytes
1998 Fall - New Publications of Note1998 Fall - Personal & Institutional News1998 Spring - Europe in Bits & Bytes
1998 Spring - New Publications of Note1998 Spring - Personal & Institutional News1999 Fall - Europe in Bits & Bytes
1999 Fall - New Publications of Note1999 Fall - Personal & Institutional News1999 Spring - Europe in Bits & Bytes
1999 Spring - New Publications of Note1999 Spring - Personal & Institutional News2000 Fall - Europe in Bits & Bytes
2000 Fall - New Publications of Note2000 Fall - Personal & Institutional News2000 Spring - Europe in Bits & Bytes
2000 Spring - New Publications of Note2000 Spring - Personal & Institutional News2001 Annual Membership Meeting Minutes
2001 Fall - Europe in Bits & Bytes2001 Fall - New Publications of Note2001 Fall - Personal & Institutional News
2001 Notes from the WESS Chair2001 Spring - Europe in Bits & Bytes2001 Spring - Executive Committee Minutes
2001 Spring - New Publications of Note2001 Spring - Personal & Institutional News2002 Annual WESS Executive Committee Minutes
2002 Fall - Europe in Bits & Bytes2002 Fall - New Publications of Note2002 Fall - Personal & Institutional News
2002 Spring - Europe in Bits & Bytes2002 Spring - New Publications of Note2002 Spring - Personal & Institutional News
2003 Fall - Europe in Bits & Bytes2003 Fall - New Publications of Note2003 Fall - Personal & Institutional News
2003 Spring - Europe in Bits & Bytes2003 Spring - New Publications of Note2003 Spring - Personal & Institutional News
2004 Fall - Europe in Bits & Bytes2004 Fall - New Publications of Note2004 Fall - Personal & Institutional News
2004 Spring - Europe in Bits & Bytes2004 Spring - New Publications of Note2004 Spring - Personal & Institutional News
2005 Fall - Europe in Bits & Bytes2005 Fall - New Publications of Note2005 Fall - Personal & Institutional News
2005 Spring - Europe in Bits & Bytes2005 Spring - New Publications of Note2005 Spring - Personal & Institutional News
2006 Fall - Europe in Bits & Bytes2006 Fall - New Publications of Note2006 Fall - Personal and Institutional News
2006 Spring - Europe in Bits & Bytes2006 Spring - New Publications of Note2006 Spring - Personal and Institutional News
2007 Fall - Europe in Bits & Bytes2007 Fall - New Publications of Note2007 Fall - Personal & Institutional News
2007 Spring - Europe in Bits & Bytes2007 Spring - New Publications of Note2007 Spring - Personal and Institutional News
2007 survey of academic librarians2008 Conference Planning Committee2008 Fall - Europe in Bits & Bytes
2008 Fall - New Publications of Note2008 Fall - Personal & Institutional News2008 Philadelphia Midwinter Agenda
2008 Spring - Europe in Bits & Bytes2008 Spring - New Publications of Note2008 Spring - Personal & Institutional News
2009 Conference Planning Agenda for 2000 Midwinter Conference, Denver2009 Conference Planning Agenda for 2008 Annual Conference, Anaheim2009 Conference Planning Agenda for 2009 Midwinter Conference, Denver
2009 Conference Planning Committee2009 Conference Planning Minutes for 2008 Annual Conference, Anaheim2009 Conference Planning Minutes for 2008 Annual Conference, Denver
2009 Conference Planning Minutes for 2008 Midwinter Conference, Philadelphia2009 Denver Midwinter Agenda2009 Fall - Europe in Bits & Bytes
2009 Fall - New Publications of Note2009 Fall - Personal & Institutional News2009 Spring - Europe in Bits & Bytes
2009 Spring - New Publications of Note2009 Spring - Personal & Institutional News2010 ALA Annual
2010 ALA Annual Meeting Agenda (WESS/SEES)2010 Annual Social2010 Boston Midwinter Agenda
2010 Conference Planning Committee2010 Fall - Europe in Bits & Bytes2010 Fall - New Publications of Note
2010 Fall - Personal & Institutional News2010 Planning Committee - Agenda & Minutes 2009 Annual2010 Planning Committee - Agenda 2010 Midwinter
2010 Spring - Europe in Bits & Bytes2010 Spring - New Publications of Note2010 Spring - Personal & Institutional News
2011 ALA Midwinter2011 Annual2011 Conference Planning Committee
2011 Fall - Europe in Bits & Bytes2011 Fall - New Publications of Note2011 Fall - Personal & Institutional News
2011 Planning Committee - Minutes 2010 Annual2011 Planning Committee - Minutes 2010 Midwinter2011 Planning Committee - Minutes 2011 Midwinter
2011 Program Specifics2011 Spring - Europe in Bits & Bytes2011 Spring - New Publications of Note
2011 Spring - Personal & Institutional News2012 Annual2012 Fall - Europe in Bits & Bytes
2012 Fall - New Publications of Note2012 Fall - Personal & Institutional News2012 Oxford Conference on the Secularization of Monastic Libraries
2012 Seattle Midwinter Agenda2012 Spring - Europe in Bits & Bytes2012 Spring - New Publications of Note
2012 Spring - Personal & Institutional News2013 Chicago Annual Agenda2013 Conference Planning Committee
2013 Fall - Europe in Bits & Bytes2013 Fall - New Publications of Note2013 Fall - Personal & Institutional News
2013 Midwinter2013 Midwinter Agenda2013 Seattle Midwinter Agenda
2013 Spring- New Publications of Note2013 Spring - Europe in Bits & Bytes2013 Spring - Personal & Institutional News
2014 Annual2014 Conference Planning Committee2014 Conference Planning Committee Agenda - 2013 Annual
2014 Conference Planning Committee Agenda - 2014 Midwinter2014 Conference Planning Committee Minutes - 2014 Midwinter2014 Fall - Europe in Bits & Bytes
2014 Fall - New Publications of Note, or, What am I reading?2014 Fall - Personal & Institutional News2014 Philadelphia Midwinter Agenda
2014 Program description and flyer2014 Spring - Europe in Bits & Bytes2014 Spring - New Publications of Note
2014 Spring - Personal & Institutional News2014 WESS/LES/SEES Emerging Leader2015 Chicago Midwinter Agenda
2015 Chicago Midwinter Minutes2015 Conference Planning Committee2015 Fall - Europe in Bits & Bytes
2015 Fall - New Publications of Note, or, What am I reading?2015 Fall - Personal & Institutional News2015 Spring - Europe in Bits & Bytes
2015 Spring - New Publications of Note, or, What am I reading?2015 Spring - Personal & Institutional News2015 WESS/SEES Program
2016 Boston Midwinter Agenda2016 Fall - Europe in Bits & Bytes2016 Fall - New Publications of Note, or, What am I reading?
2016 Fall - Personal & Institutional News2016 Spring - Europe in Bits & Bytes2016 Spring - New Publications of Note, or, What am I reading?
2016 Spring - Personal & Institutional News2017 Atlanta Midwinter Agenda2017 Atlanta Midwinter Minutes
2017 Fall - Europe in Bits & Bytes2017 Fall - New Publications of Note, or, What am I reading?2017 Fall - New Publications of Note: What am I reading, listening to, or watching?
2017 Fall - Personal & Institutional News2017 Spring - Europe in Bits & Bytes2017 Spring - Personal & Institutional News
2018 Denver Midwinter AgendaACRL/WESS Reception at 2008 ALA Annual ConventionACRL 2013 Updates
ACRL Funding Opportunities for Recruitment PresentationsACRL UpdatesACRL Updates, 2014
ACRL Updates, Fall 2013ACRL Updates, Fall 2014ACRL Updates, Fall 2015
ACRL Updates, Fall 2016ACRL Updates, Spring 2015ACRL Updates, Spring 2016
ACRL Updates, Spring 2017ACRL Updates 2013ACRL Updates Fall 2017
ACRL WESS's Panel at ALA Annual 2017: “Refugee Scholars and Academic Libraries in the Twentieth Century and Today”ACRL WESS/MAGERT Conference Program: Mapping the Future of Historical Scholarship about EuropeAIFBD Meetings in Montreal
ALA WESS Conference Program: Documenting Sexual Dissidence and Diversity in France, Italy, and SpainA Bibliographer in the Balkans: A(lbania) to Z(agreb)A Librarian in Paris: Mini-report from the Salon du Livre de Paris 2015, and more
A Librarian in Renaissance Studies: How I BenefitedA Makeover for L’année philologiqueA Rare Collection of Spanish Plays at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
A Safari into the Heart of Maghrebian Information TechnologyA Snapshot of Montréal’s Best BookstoresA Truly Offsite Library: Columbia’s Library at Dakhleh
A Virtual Medieval Studies Reading Room at UIUCAarhus Literature in the Music HouseAcademic/ Research Librarians with Subject Doctorates
Academic Librarianship & Foreign Languages Recruitment Page
Activities & PublicationsAdam Matthew DigitalAgenda for ALA Annual
Agendas of the Cataloging Discussion GroupAllen, Barbara F.Allen, Frances Ott
Allen, Susan M.Allison, PeterAlonso-Regalado, Jesus
Alspach, JudyAlvarez, BarbaraAmalivre
Amelung, Richard C.American in Leipzig: Reflections on the Leipzig Book Fair, 2004Amsterdam Book Fair
An Alaskan Librarian (and New WESS Member) Visits Humboldt UniversityAn Inventory of Area Studies SitesAn Inventory of Art, Music, Theatre
An Inventory of Dictionaries & EncyclopediasAn Inventory of DissertationsAn Inventory of Earth Sciences
An Inventory of EconomicsAn Inventory of Engineering and TechnologyAn Inventory of History
An Inventory of Language and LiteratureAn Inventory of LawAn Inventory of Library and Information Science
An Inventory of ManuscriptsAn Inventory of Mathematics and Computer ScienceAn Inventory of Media/General
An Inventory of Medicine, Pharmacy, PsychologyAn Inventory of Natural and Physical SciencesAn Inventory of Periodicals & Newspapers
An Inventory of Philosophy and ReligionAn Inventory of Social and Political SciencesAn Inventory of Sports
Anderson, Gordon B.Angoulême Festival International de la Bande DessinéeApril in Copenhagen: A Short Report on the International Seminar on the Care and Conservation of Manuscripts in Copenhagen
Area Studies SSHArmour-Gemmen, MarianArticle Template - replace article name
Arts Microform SetsAskey, DaleAstroff, Roberta
Atkins, Stephen E.Attending the WESLINE Conference in the U.K.Aux Amateurs De Livres
Aux Amateurs De Livres/Librairie Internationale TouzotBanski, ErikaBaudoin, Patsy
Beck, TraceyBeilin, IanBennett, Elizabeth
Bentsen, EileenBianco, CecileBibcatalunya
Birkhead, Ceres B.Bischof, Laura DaleBludeau
Bludeau PartnersBologna Children's Book FairBonnet, Jennifer
BookExpo AmericaBook Price Information and BPI Index CalculationBooks and Publishing - Iberia
Bookstores GSWBoston Convention CenterBoyd, Alan
Boyer, YvonneBraden, MarkBrepols Publishers
BrillBrockhaus / German BooksBrogan, Martha
Brooking, DianaBrow, Ellen H.Brussels Book Fair
BuchBaselBuch Wien - Vienna Book FairBucharest Gaudeamus Book and Education Fair
Budapest International Book FestivalBulgarian Print Collections at UC Berkeley: Using Bulgarian Web Resources as Collection Development ToolsBurnette, Michaelyn
Burris, BrigitteCIFNAL Agenda June 2007CIFNAL Steering Committee
CMR Chair's DutiesCairn.infoCalembours
Campbell, JamesCanuel, RobinCarbajal, Paloma
Carns, PaulaCasalini LibriCase, Beau David
Casey, Anne MarieCataloging Discussion GroupCataloging Discussion Group Agenda - 2008 Midwinter
Cataloging Discussion Group Agenda - 2009 AnnualCataloging Discussion Group Agenda - 2013 MidwinterCataloging Discussion Group Agenda - 2014 Midwinter
Cataloging Discussion Group Agenda - 2017 AnnualCataloging Discussion Group Agenda - 2017 MidwinterCataloging Discussion Group Agenda - 2018 Midwinter
Cataloging Discussion Group Minutes - 2007 AnnualCataloging Discussion Group Minutes - 2010 MidwinterCataloging Discussion Group Minutes - 2013 Midwinter
Cataloging Discussion Group Minutes - 2017 AnnualCataloging Discussion Group Minutes - 2017 MidwinterCelis-Carbajal, Paloma
Chenault, ElizabethChildress, DawnChlebek, Diana A.
Clack, Mary BethClassical, Medieval and Renaissance Discussion GroupClassical, Medieval and Renaissance Discussion Group Agenda - 2012 Annual
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