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  • Saxo - Major database and Internet bookstore with over 80,000 book, e-book and audiobook titles published since 1991, continually updated with new titles. The sources of information for these titles include the Danish Library Center (Dansk BiblioteksCenter), the book trade, and over 1,500 Danish publishers. Also included are links to book-related organizations, literary prizes, and many Danish publishers. Saxo is owned by the major publishers Gylendal and Munksgaard.
  • Akademisk Forlag - Denmark's university publisher. Textbooks, reference and scholarly works.
  • Gyldendal - homepage of the major Danish publishing house with information about the publisher
See also Saxo database for books, e-books and audiobooks.
See also Saxo database for books, e-books and audiobooks.
  • Museum Tusculanums Forlag - scholarly press for the humanities, social sciences and theology, including works by scholars associated with University of Copenhagen and The Royal Library. Often publishes in English. Searchable catalogue, including abstracts of many works.

Faroe Islands

  • - View and browse historical magazines and journals from Iceland, Faroe Islands and Greenland.



  • Books from Finland - A quarterly English-language literary journal of writing from and about Finland (fiction as well as non-fiction), published since 1967 and online since 1998.
  • Transcript - Internet review of books and writing.
  • AkateeminenKirjakauppa - homepage of a large Finnish academic bookstore, with publishing announcements. In Finnish with some Swedish.
  • Granum - virtual bookstore for scholarly publications, from Tampere University Library. Search by author or title or click on a category for a list of titles. Some information about Granum is available in English.
  • Schildts Förlag - Finnish-Swedish publisher, specializing in literature. New books and older catalogs, annotated in Swedish.



  • Atuagkat - a bookstore in Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, offering a catalog of books about Greenland in various languages.
  • - View and browse historical magazines and journals from Iceland, Faroe Islands and Greenland.



  • Bóksala stúdenta - bookstore of the University of Rekyavik, with a searchable catalog. Includes many texts for teaching Icelandic language.
  • - View and browse historical magazines and journals from Iceland, Faroe Islands and Greenland.



  • Boknett  - from Forlagsentralen (the Center for Publishing).
    Includes the current issue of Bok og Samfunn, the news publication of Den norske Bokhandlerforening (the Norwegian Booksellers' Association).
  • Akademika - the largest university bookstore in Norway. Features an online catalog, searchable by author, title, and ISBN.
  • Cappelen Damm  - Norwegian publisher with branches for belles lettres and academic titles.
  • Bokloftet - information and books in stock from the Lokalhistorisk Forlag & Antikvariat.
  • Norli - Norwegian online bookseller dealing with all subjects. Online lists, arranged by subject, of books in stock.
  • Universitetsforlaget- result of a merger between Aschehoug and Scandinavian University Press for scholarly and scientific journals and books. Includes lists of publications.



  • Bibliotekstjänst - a company partially owned by the Swedish Library Association (SAB) that sells and develops media and information products and services.
  • SvB direkt (Service of the Svensk Bokhandel) - publication of the Swedish Publishers' Association.
  • Adlibris - online bookshop: search by author, title, ISBN or keyword.
  • Akademibokhandeln - Sweden's largest bookstore. Browse the catalog or search by author name, title, or ISBN.
  • Bokhandeln - online bookstore with searchable catalog, reviews, and interviews.
  • - online bookstore with many international titles translated into Swedish.
  • Hedengrens - Stockholm bookstore with emphasis on the humanities.
    Searchable catalog (author, title, subject, description, publisher).

Multiple Countries

  • Antiquarian Books in Scandinavia (Swedish Antiquarian Booksellers Association [SAF], and the Danish Antiquarian Booksellers Association [ABF]) - over 102,000 titles from 26 Scandinavian members of the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers, updated weekly. Keyword search in English, Swedish or Danish.can be limited by country, city, region, bookseller, language, century, price, and books added in the most recent week.

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