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Joint Meeting of WESS Social Sciences & History Discussion and Small and Medium-Sized Libraries Discussion Groups

ALA Midwinter Meeting in Seattle

Sunday, Jan. 27, 2013, 3:00 pm - 4:00pm

WEST Fifth Ave. Room

Attendees: Richard Hacken (Brigham Young University), Heidi Madden (Duke), Brian Vetruba (Washington University), Tony White (Maryland Institute, College of Art), Nancy Magnuson (Goucher College), Liz Bernal (Chicago School of Professional Psychology), Suzanne Schadl (University of New Mexico), Elizabeth Brookbank (University of Washington), Renato Rodriquez (UWA), Melissa Van Vuuren (JMU), Julie Tanaka (Notre Dame), Michelle Kowalsky (Rowan University), Ben Tucker (University of Puget Sound), Dennis Smith (Brandeis), Christopher Richardson (Southern Virginia University), Alex Rihm (University of Washington), Karen Fairbanks (Marble Fairbanks Architects), Julianne Haahr (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Elizabeth Remak-Honnef (UC Santa Cruz), Sam C. Sutter (Georgetown), Tim Shipe (University of Iowa), Libby Chenault (UNC-Chapel Hill), Sharon McCaslin (Fontbonne University, St. Louis), Theresa Byrd (University of San Diego), Rebecca R. Malek-Wiley (Tulane University), Deb Raftus (University of Washington), David Lincove (Ohio State University), Katie Gibson (Miami University), Chella Vaidyanathan (Johns Hopkins), Anna Shparberg (Rice University), Marcus Richter (Alma College).

1. Introductions and Announcements

2. Panel: Academic Libraries and Special Collections


Katie Gibson, Kimberly Tully (Miami University): Special Collections and the Liaison Librarian

David Lincove (Ohio State University): Integrating Special Collections into the Mainstream

Chella Vaidyanathan (Johns Hopkins University): Introducing Undergraduate Students to Special Collections

A lively and productive discussion followed the presentations.

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