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WESS Social Sciences & History Discussion Group
ALA Midwinter Conference, Philadelphia, PA
Saturday, 12 January 2008, 4-6pm

Sofitel, Cannes Room

Present: Gordon Anderson (Chair), Univ. of Minnesota-Twin Cities; Kate Brooks, Univ. of Minnesota-Twin Cities; Aedin Clements, Univ. of Notre Dame; Dominique Coulombe, Brown Univ.; Dick Hacken, Brigham Young Univ.; Richard Kearney, William Paterson Univ.; David Lincove, Ohio State Univ.; Thea Lindquist (Secretary/Chair-Elect), Univ. of Colorado at Boulder; Louis Munoz, Jr., Pratt Institute; Gayle Porter, Chicago State Univ.; Kerry Scott, Univ. of California-Santa Cruz; Anna Shparberg, Rice Univ.; Sheila Smyth, Univ. of California-Irvine; Rom Steensma, Coutts Nijhoff International; Paul Vermouth, Harvard College; Sarah Wenzel, Univ. of Chicago and Chair of WESS

I. Welcome & Introductions

II. Review of Minutes from June 2007 Meeting at Annual in Washington, DC – No copies of the minutes were available, so they were not reviewed.

III. Selecting a Chair and Secretary/Chair Elect for 2008/2009 – Thea Lindquist is currently Secretary/Chair Elect and will serve as Chair for 2008/2009, starting after the Annual Meeting in Anaheim. Kate Brooks has volunteered to serve as Secretary/Chair Elect.

IV. New Item from Sarah How ( – Sarah asked the group for ideas to help preserve the content from the 2007 WESS Program, The European Union Today: Constructing European Identity on a web page and called for volunteers to help. (See for the program.) Sarah passed around the program flyer, which along with select bibliographies (e.g., on identity questions) could serve as a starting point.

Sarah proposed the Wiki format as being the best medium for hosting these materials and for Sarah to receive notifications of changes to the page. Dominique suggested a guide to web sites on the EU with annotations. A separate link to “Contemporary Europe” could be added to WESS Web along with the other geographical areas that currently exist and link to those pages as appropriate. Sarah Wenzel saw such a page as a potential way to collaborate with SEES [Slavic & Eastern European Section]. Kate suggested a blog format to promote discussion. Dick Hacken pointed out that there is a discussion aspect to the Wiki format and also that RefWorks’s RefShare could be used to share bibliographies. Sarah How mentioned the University of Pittsburgh’s European Union Centre for Excellence (, whose Archive of European Integration ( is an electronic repository and archive for research materials on the topic of European integration and unification.

Please send any comments and suggestions for what to include on the EU web page to Sarah How. Gordon thought it would be helpful to compile a list of things to do in relation to the WESS program. A podcast of the 2008 WESS Program may be created. David Lincove, 2008 Conference Planning Chair, talked about the 2008 WESS Annual Conference Program: Cooperative Strategies for European Libraries: Access and Preservation, which will be held on Monday, June 30, 2008, 10:30 am - noon in the Santa Monica room of the Hilton Anaheim Hotel.

V. News from Institutions

Sarah How asked if anyone collected in the area of contemporary Greek social sciences and history, and a few replied in the affirmative.

Gordon (, chief editor of Reference Reviews Europe Annual (, called for volunteers to help with the next issue – volume 12. German-language reviews from IFB in Stuttgart ( form the corpus of each RREA issue, and we are always looking for colleagues with German proficiency to translate and condense [abstract] these reviews of European (predominantly German) reference works. Also in demand are colleagues to write original reviews of contemporary European reference works, both printed and electronic.

VI. SSH Discussion Group at Annual in Anaheim

Contact Gordon or Thea ( with topics for discussion. Gordon encouraged people to join the SSH list; information on how to do that is available on the WESS Wiki at

VII. WESS Web Wiki Workshop. The Group adjourned at 5pm to move to the Orleans Room and joined WESS’s Research & Planning Committee and the Classical, Medieval & Renaissance Discussion Group. Dick showed us how to sign up for, edit, and create pages on the WESSWeb Wiki.

Respectfully submitted,
Thea Lindquist, University of Colorado-Boulder

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