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WESS Social Sciences and History / College and Medium-Sized Libraries discussion groups

Joint Program

Sunday, June 30
HYATT Columbus GH
3pm - 4pm

The Role of Academic Libraries in Student Retention in the 21st Century


Marcus Richter (Alma College) <>,
Anna Shparberg (Rice University) <>

I. Welcome and introductions

II. Presentation:

1. How to connect with students - Alma College Library’s efforts to connect with incoming and current students in order to improve retention. (Marcus Richter)
2. Working with doctoral students at different stages of their coursework and dissertation writing process (Anna Shparberg)

III. Discussion: What can libraries do to improve the college’s or university’s retention rate.

IV. Other business; suggestions for future topics; nominations for next year’s discussion group leaders.

Suggested Readings

Blackburn, Heidi. Shhh! No talking about Retention in the Library! Education Libraries, v. 33, no. 10, spring 2010.

Elizabeth M. Mezick. Return on Investment: Libraries and Student Retention. The Journal of Academic Librarianship, v. 33, no. 5, p. 561–566

Haddow, Gaby and Jayanthi Joseph. Loans, logins and lasting the course: academic library use and student retention. Australian Academic & Research Libraries, December 2010. p. 233-244.

Jacqui D. Grallo , Mardi Chalmers & Pamela G. Baker. How Do I Get a Campus ID? The Other Role of the Academic Library in Student

Retention and Success, The Reference Librarian, 53:2, 182-193

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