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Title: The Catholic Reformation, including French diocesan catechisms, 1615-1900 (Series)
Imprint: Leiden, The Netherlands: Inter Documentation, 1987-
Description: 1,134 microfiche.
Note: Catalogued by individual title. Includes printed guide.
Series varies: Catholic Reformation including French diocesan catechisms, 1615-1900, on microfiche.; A,; Catholic Reformation ; CA-124/1 et al.
OCLC: 29677745, 29672829

Title: Freemasonry and antimasonry (series title)
Imprint: Leiden: IDC Publishers, 19-
Description: 725 microfiche; 17 cm.
Catalogued by individual [208] title[s].
NOTE: “Freemasonry and antimasonry : sources from the Fonds Valentin Brifaut, Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium IDC2126.
List of titles available at:
OCLC: 47671215

Title: Reformed Protestantism : sources of the 16th and 17th centuries on microfiche.
Imprint: Zug, Switzerland : Inter Documentation Co., 1980-
Description: 9,948 fiche
Note: Part 2: Strasbourg/France – 127 titles on 1,309 fiche.
List of titles available at
Reformation -- Europe -- Sources -- Catalogs
OCLC: 19222458

WESSWeb > French Studies Web > French Microform Sets > Religion 

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