Recruitment Committee Minutes - 2018 Midwinter (Virtual Mtg.)

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ACRL ESS Recruitment to the Profession Committee
ALA Midwinter Meeting, Denver
Friday, January 26, 2018
13:30-14:30 P.M.
Virtual Meeting (Phone)
Participating: Amauri Serrano (chair), Joaneke Elliott

I. Discussion of previous committee projects* and initiatives and those actually completed or begun, including: Job Shadowing Program, Webinar for Potential Members, Recruitment Video, Email lists, Liaising with Scholarly Groups, Letters to SLIS Schools. *these are projects that go back to 2009.

  • Members noted that although many of these initiatives/projects were listed on the WessWeb Wiki as agenda items or in meeting notes, it was difficult to determine what was actually done, if it was successful, who participated, and how the current committee members could or should continue to work on these initiatives.
  • ACTION ITEM: Develop a list of previous projects and determine status. Meet briefly virtually before ALA in New Orleans, to determine if any of these projects should be continued and if so, how. (AMAURI)
  • ACTION ITEM: Top two projects to determine status and update pages accordingly: Job Shadowing Program (JOANNEKE); Try to suppress page or include note that program is inactive in the meantime. Update Recruitment Email Contact List. (AMAURI)
  • Discussion led to a need to update the Committee wiki pages in general. ACTION ITEM: Update information with current members and meeting information. (AMAURI)

  • II. Future of the committee and if it should continue to exist or become a subgroup of the Membership Committee.
  • Members agreed that when considering the current state of the committee, it may be a good idea that the committee become a subgroup of the Membership Committee. They believe that if it were a subgroup with concrete outreach objectives, it would be easier to accomplish goals and maintain steady membership.
  • ACTION ITEM: Bring up adding the committee as a subgroup of the Membership Committee with ESS Section leadership and possibly at the ESS General Membership Meeting. (JOANNEKE)

  • III. Discussion of documentation and sustainability of the committee’s work. Question: Is this a broader issue for the entire section?
  • Members discussed the utility of the WessWiki for documenting and storing committee materials, but this may be a broader section issue. In other words, where would the committee archive marketing materials including work that was done on the “recruitment video” mentioned in meeting notes from previous years. This is an important issue when committee membership changes. This will be on the agenda at Annual.

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