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WESS Recruitment to the Profession Committee

Meeting at Annual 2008, Anaheim, CA

June 28, 8-10am at Hilton Anaheim (HIL) Conference Rm. 8.

MEMBERS PRESENT: Brian Vetruba (chair), Laura Dale Bischof, George Paganelis, Jerry Heverly.

VISITORS: Sarah Wenzel (WESS chair), Claudia Alcala-Iniguez (incoming committee member)


1. ACRL funding of WESS recruitment/formation of selection committee

The Committee accepted the document submitted by Brian Vetruba via email with the following changes marked in BOLD:

  1. Selection of awardees is on an ongoing basis and will begin Sept. 1, 2008.
  2. Presenters are asked to bring copies of the WESS brochure and other ACRL librarianship info for attendees. Together with the Selection Committee, awardees will write a short survey which will be sent out to attendees via email or given at the end of the presentation.
  3. Selection Committee will submit a brief report of results and awardees’ experiences to the Chair of the Recruitment Committee which can be used for future publication.

The Selection Committee (a subcommittee of Recruitment) was formed with George Paganelis, Sarah Wenzel, and another member of Recruitment (still to be determined) serving.


  • Create Wiki outlining funding and criteria
  • Advertise (WESS-L, Midwinter). It was briefly reported on at the General Membership meeting in Anaheim.

2. Recruitment wiki on WESSWeb: Academic Librarianship & Foreign Languages Recruitment Page

The new public recruitment wiki site on WESSWeb is live and a redirect from the old address at Columbia University has been put up.

Toolkit: The general consensus was to delete the contact info of librarians at the end of the toolkit. Given we have contacts on the wiki; it was felt this was unnecessary.

Logos: Committee members thought that the wiki page should have the updated ACRL logo and WESS banner.

The Incoming Committee is encouraged to add more WESS members to the email contact list if it feels necessary. A number of outgoing members agreed to keep their names on the list (Jerry and Brian).


  • Load George’s “work in a library” banner which everyone on the Committee thought looked great. Most everyone thought the best spot would be next to the Contents box. George will do this and contact Dick Hacken for assistance.
  • Update the links on the toolkit. Brian passed on a marked-up copy to George as well as the Word version of this via email.
  • Once the updates are done, send the pdfs of the toolkit and flyer to Dick Hacken to load on BYU server. And then create links.

3. Job Shadowing

Due to difficulties with transferring files and having access to the server at BYU, the Committee decided it might be perhaps more practical to house the interest forms, survey and job shadowing database on servers at George's institution, Calif. State Univ., Sacramento. George will check with Dick Hacken about this.


  • Update wiki page on WESSWeb

4. Advertising new recruitment site and job shadowing program to ACRL/ALA/library organizations and learned societies

Brian updated the list of library-related organizations to contact and forwarded it to George. A hard copy list of learned societies previously contacted was also distributed. Jerry suggested that an email could be sent to the umbrella learned society group, American Council of Learned Societies which has its own distribution list of societies.

As far as contacting other ACRL sections, Sarah suggested that we can send an email to the WESS Chair who can then forward it to the section chair's email list.

The link on the ALA's Recruitment Clearinghouse has already been updated.


  • Divide up list among committee members and send out emails. Concentrate on those groups who link to the old recruitment page.
  • Send out emails to the WESS listservs.

5. Liaising with ACRL/ALA/library groups and learned societies

We should continue to try to forge communication and collaboration with these groups. Virginia Cole will represent the Committee at the ALA Recruitment Assembly on June 30, 2008.

6. Personal Recruitment efforts

Committee members and guests participated in a combined total of 15 recruitment activities, mostly meeting individually with students interested in the profession.

Respectfully submitted,

Brian Vetruba Chair, WESS Recruitment to the Profession Committee (2006-2008)

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