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WESS Recruitment to the Profession Committee

Virtual Midwinter Meeting, Jan. 8 –12, 2007


Committee members: Laura Dale Bischof, Todd Gilman, Karen Green, Jerry Heverly, Fred Jenkins, Charlene Kellsey, Heather Moulaison, George Paganelis, Brian Vetruba (chair)

In lieu of a meeting at ALA Midwinter 2007, committee members held a virtual meeting via e-mail from Jan. 8 – Jan. 12, 2007. Eight of the nine members participated.

  1. Committee’s Recruitment Website:
    • The Committee's website continues to draw a large number of visitors. The site averages 9 unique visitors a day, 46 a week, and 171 a month. 63 % of the IP addresses coming to our site originate from the US.
    • One issue discussed was the issue of hosting the site, especially when our web editor rotates off the Committee. Advice from the WESS Executive and other WESS members would be appreciated.
    • Cross-linking to other recruitment sites in ALA and ACRL as well other library groups was discussed. Multiple inquiries have been made with ALA and ACRL about cross-linking; still no definitive answer from these groups.
    • It's worth noting that RBMS contacted the Committee to ask permission to use our recruitment presentation toolkit as a model for one they're developing.
    • By Annual 2007, we'll update the sample job postings and other website content as well as links to other recruitment sites and ALA/librarian groups.
  2. Survey about foreign languages and academic librarianship
    • A subgroup of the committee submitted a draft of an online survey for the Committee’s review. The goal of the survey is to measure to what extent academic librarians know foreign languages and to what extent and how they employ foreign language skills. This will allow us to help measure the demand of language skills among academic librarians which we can publicize on our website.
    • The survey will be pre-tested at one or two institutions in March 2007 and a final version will be sent out to various listservs in early May 2007.
  3. Liaising with learned associations and ALA/librarian organizations
    • Members have begun to make contacts to some learned or professional associations.
    • By Annual 2007, we'll continue make additional contacts with learned associations as well as other ALA/librarian groups.
  4. Job shadowing program proposal
    • One committee member proposed developing a job shadowing program whereby library school students and other individuals interested in academic librarianship would be matched up with academic librarians (WESSies) for job shadowing. Web forms and a database (possibly MS Access) would be created and hosted at a Committee member’s institution.
    • A number of members raised concerns about hosting issues as well as whether this program would duplicate other job shadowing programs. It was decided to table the job shadowing proposal for further discussion at Annual.
    • By Annual 2007, a member will research existing job shadowing programs and report on at our Committee meeting in Washington D.C.
  5. Personal recruitment efforts
    • Four members reported participating in in-person interviews, or telephone interviews with individuals interested in librarianship. Often, these contacts resulted from visits to our websites, in other cases, from references by colleagues.

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