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WESS Committee on Recruitment to the Profession

Minutes from ALA Annual 2006

8:00-10:00 a.m. June 24

A total of ten attended, including four guests. Three committee members who couldn’t attend communicated ahead of time with the chair about the agenda and the committee’s activities for the coming six months.

Since its Midwinter virtual meeting, the committee has accomplished the following:
  • Publicized its web site among learned societies and other library associations that would naturally be concerned about subject expertise and foreign language skills. A generic email message was sent to the roughly 50 constituent societies of the American Council of Learned Societies and to a handful of library associations, alerting them to the committee’s existence and to the shortage of subject specialists and urging them to share the URL of the committee’s web site with their members. More than a dozen societies that received the message responded enthusiastically.
  • Several members of the committee have responded to inquiries from individuals interested in exploring academic library careers. Some inquiries arose from an earlier posting to H-Net about the committee; others resulted from visits to the web site or from word-of-mouth referrals from colleagues familiar with the committee’s work. In all, eight inquiries, some of them quite involved, have been answered since Midwinter.
  • The committee’s web site continues to prove its worth. During the past six months, there have been 665 unique visitors, with 85% of them from the U.S. The site averages 3 visits per day, 15 per week, and 60 per month.
Between now and Midwinter, the committee will work on the following projects:
  • Make refinements to the web site, to keep it current and to fill in some areas:
  • Link to ALA’s and ACRL’s recruitment pages.
  • Add George’s handouts, PowerPoint presentation, and job-shadowing description to the toolkits.
  • Update roster of committee members, terms, and chair info.
  • Cite and link to Jerry’s recent article in Amphora, “From Scroll to Database: What Do Classics Librarians Do?”
  • Cite and link to 2002 article in Portal that discusses shortage of academic librarians with hard data.
  • Establish and maintain liaison relationships with selected learned or professional associations, especially ones that responded positively to the committee’s generic email announcement. Each committee member will communicate directly with one or more of the associations in the hope that this will lead to invitations to speak about library careers at those societies’ conferences, opportunities to publish articles about academic librarianship in their newsletters (or other publications), etc. The associations are being covered as follows:
  • ARLIS—Laura Dale
  • CRL Global Resources—Charlene
  • MLA—Todd
  • APA—Jerry
  • MGSA—George
  • MELA—George
  • Medieval Academy—Karen
  • American Society of Papyrologists—Karen
  • Society for Biblical Literature—Jerry
  • American Theatre History Assn.—Todd
  • German Studies Assn.—Brian
  • American Historical Assn.—Heather
  • Design an online survey of academic librarians, to determine how and to what extent they use their foreign language skills and subject expertise in their jobs. A good working draft of the survey will be ready to discuss at the committee’s Midwinter meeting. (Laura Dale, Heather, and Brian, with help on survey design from Jason Phillips)
  • Explore whether to hold another virtual meeting at Midwinter. Several members said they would definitely be attending Midwinter, but several others said they would not. It might make sense to hold a virtual meeting of the whole committee and plan an informal, follow-up gathering for those who attend Midwinter. The incoming chair will explore the options and poll members.

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