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WESS Recruitment to the Profession Committee

Virtual Midwinter Meeting (via Elluminate)

Jan. 11-14, 2010, 2 - 3:30 PM

Any WESS member interested in recruitment and the Committee's work is invited to participate in the discussion. If interested, please send an e-mail to Eileen M. Bentsen ( by Dec. 14th, 10 AM and I will send you instructions for joining the meeting on Elluminate.

For questions or concerns, contact Eileen Bentsen (


  1. Introductions
  2. Announcements
    1. Request for someone to attend the ALA Recruitment Assembly for WESS RTP at Midwinter on Monday, January 10, 8 – 10 AM SDCC Room 24 (Conflicts with WESS meetings)
  3. Recruitment Committee Web site (wiki) Acadamic Librarianship & Foreign Languages Recruitment Page
    1. Review to update content and links
  4. Distribution of WESSWeb information to library schools and scholarly societies
    1. Update mailing lists
    2. Send emails to identified groups with links to the RTP website/wiki
  5. Job Shadowing Program/li>
    1. One new shadowing candidate since Annual, no job shadowing experiences held
    2. How to put interested individuals who may be unable to shadow in person in contact with members of WESS (e-mail, IM, and Skype/telephone, etc.) or related groups (LES)
  6. Liaising with LES
  7. Personal/Local Recruitment Efforts
    1. Campus Honor Societies/Student Interest Group Meetings
  8. Recruitment promotional video
    1. See Brian Vetruba’s original suggestion (attachment to email)
    2. ACRL Friends Funding Grant application for May 2011 deadline
    3. Discuss ideas for format
    4. Develop questions for gathering content
  9. New/other business
    1. Recruitment for Diversity
  10. Action items/tasks by Annual 2011
    1. ACRL Friends Grant completed
    2. Mailings to promote RTP wiki site

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