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WESS Committee on Recruitment to the Profession

Midwinter Virtual Meeting, 2006

Please read e-mail frequently Jan. 9-14, and use “reply all” when posting your thoughts or questions.


  1. Fred reports about distribution of the news release and responses to it: "Not all that many responses to date, unless you or others have received a lot that I haven't seen. Pretty much all from H-Net. I have seen no results yet from the meta-organizations (e.g., ACLS); perhaps it is time to do APA, AHA, MLA, etc." What do you all think about this? Have you received any responses that Fred wasn’t copied on, and is it time to distribute the release to specific learned societies?
  2. From Dale: Further publicizing the web site, specifically, ensuring that it's linked from relevant places: WESS site, professional societies' pages (if they permit), libraries' HR pages, ALA/ACRL pages related to recruitment, etc.
  3. From Charlene: One thing we might want to discuss are the difficulties some recent MLS grads are having finding an academic library job. We might want to put a longer statement about the importance of some library experience and suggestions for how to get it, on the Web site. We might also want to look for research or stats about retirements, turnover, and the apparent dearth of entry-level jobs in academia (or do some ourselves?).
  4. Collaborating with other groups on recruitment--which ones, when, and how?
  5. New chair: someone needs to take over after ALA annual this June.
  6. Reports of any recruitment-related activities you've been engaged in, whether part of the committee's work or not.
  7. Should we be considering/planning any additional activities or initiatives besides those suggested above?
  8. Feedback on this style of meeting-—how did it work for you, and is it an adequate substitute for a face-to-face meeting at Midwinter? Any problems or concerns in this regard?

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