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WESS Committee on Recruitment to the Profession

ALA Annual Meeting, New Orleans

(Saturday) June 24, 2006, 8:00-10:00 a.m.


Committee updates:
  • Chair for 2006-07
  • Membership turnover
  • Introduce/welcome incoming members
Progress reports from working groups:
  • Distribution of news release to relevant learned societies in the humanities and social sciences (FRED).
  • Get as many relevant organizations and groups, both library and scholarly, as possible to link to the committee’s web site (DALE, KAREN, and TODD).
  • Gather data about retirements, turnover, and a perceived lack of entry-level jobs in academic libraries; prepare a summary of findings for the committee’s Web site (CHARLENE, ROBERT, LAURA DALE, and BRIAN).
  • Research and compile a list of other library organizations and learned societies with which the committee might begin collaborating (JERRY, KAREN, and LAURA DALE).
Discuss and plan activities for the rest of 2006:
  • Other ways to publicize our activities and website?
  • Approach subject-specific centers and institutes to link to our site (e.g., Medieval Institute, Center for Hellenic Studies, etc.)?

Hold another virtual meeting for Midwinter? Could that meeting format be improved in any way(s)?

Announcements and general discussion, especially of (your) recruitment efforts not directly linked to the committee’s activities.

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WESSWeb > WESS Committees > Recruitment to the Profession Committee > Recruitment Committee Meetings- 2006 Αnnual Agenda

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